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April 1, 2009

Only one shift left out of this weeks toil and my feet have divorced the rest of my body..A full on bag of shit we have been up against this week i can tell ya. Tonight has got to be a steady one!!! Sometimes the work piles up in front of us and we just have to wade through it but i reckon we hit top quota and the last shift should be a bare foot walk in cool wet grass. I can only hope!

Good news on the factory front is that Maz has come over to our team from another crew and is a bonus for us..We now have a strong team again,So bring it on.

What with having both the public hols off over Easter Mrs B has suggested a day out at the seaside..Skeg-vegas i think,A bag of chips a pint and a paddle in the sea is well in order. I ain’t been to Skeggy for years, though i doubt it has changed much.

Anyroad i’m off to reconcile my feet with my legs..Have a good one and take care.

Armitage shanks..

August 21, 2008

Another poor victim of Hood Towns thuggery lies in a hospital bed today and another twat out on the street bragging his crimes.. what the fuck is wrong with folks today eh ?

And this daft twat is back in the news again..Bang him up ,Age is no excuse to be above the law.

What the fuck is wrong with folks nowadays eh? Seems to me that the whole of society is on it’s way down the toilet..A few twats have allus been about but now it looks like every street has one, we need a Robin Hood to put things right..Any takers?


June 13, 2008

But fucking funny.


Tread softly and carry a big stick.

May 14, 2008

A sort of nutty night last night at the factory but by 3am the time had flew by and we did all that was expected and a bit more , mind you our man the Mauler is on holiday so we had Mmazz with us so we all got stuck in. A bit cooler during the early morning but it was good to see daylight creeping in about 4 ish.

I even magaged to get the quarter two bus so i was well pleased about that so i shall pay back the favor tonight.. it’s all about scratching backs i reckon!

I see in the news that someone had a proper kicking again here in Hood Town, And from the comment’s it looks like folks are losing faith and wishing to form vigilante groups?? Now i am not for a Guardian Angles type thing but i do think if you come across a beating like this if ys feel ya could handle it then get stuck in! Come to think of it i recall those Guardian Angels coming over here to England and copping a pasting a few years back.

Anyroad it’s time i grabbed a shower and a few chill moments before heading back to the factory, Have a good one dear reader and do take care out there cuz ya never know what twat is around the corner.

Barnze say’s ” Human rights…I’ve shit um!

Back to it..

May 13, 2008

The start of the night shifts tonight but all is well as we are off for our falconry day next week so the mood is good. Another glorious day here in Hood Town as the sun shines down and the air is warm. It always makes me feel good with a bit of sun on my back.

Our hedgehog has been coming out most nights and a good meal of slugs n snails is fattening him up well, mind you the cats are still hanging around outside our garden still.The sonic gadget works well i reckon.

Anyroad a short posting today as i am off out for some sun… Have a good one and stay safe.

The Four Bagger..I had one once..

August 23, 2007

Off out bowling with the lovely Mrs B on friday.I ain’t gunna bother telling you how i am gunna win cuz more than likely Mrs B will kick my arse..Hey it’s the taking part that counts,Mind you if i win i shall be trumpeting!

A nice bit of pollock for us dinner today and a nice quiet night on the settee with a few glasses of wine and a bit of hand holding,Ya just can’t beat it!

Speaking of bowling i had a mail from Mal the plod telling me that he might be able to get to the next Go-lightly session,it will be good to get the old crew back together! Hope you can make it mate.

Anyroad i’m off to peel some spuds,have a good one and stay safe out there.

Sun,sand,surf and no children please.

June 11, 2007

It’s that time again when me n Mrs B hit the interweb in search of a sunny spot to chill in for a weeks holiday, The Greek isles again i think,Mind you there is sun to be had on ya back all over the place so who knows where we end up? A pool,good food,beer n wine on tap and somewhere to lay our heads is all thats needed,Oh and no kids if possible. A week of doing nowt but reading a book beside a pool with a cold one at hand..The ultimate chill.

Mind you that week is later in the year as in a few weeks me n the Lovely Mrs B will be aboard our cruiser amongst some of the best surroundings to be found,we are well looking forward to that i can tell ya. If your in need of a peaceful week then get yourself a boat on the Broads!

Anyroad as i am head chef today i gotta get out there and get some shopping,I wonder if the Co-Op have any woodcock?

Have a good one and take care out there.

Still together after all this time.

May 23, 2007

Me n my cyst have not parted company,The doc said it was too big a job for him so he has booked me in at the hospital,mind you he said it could be viewed as cosmetic and they might just leave it be,No probs for me so i shall wait n see what happens on the day.

So my bowling will be on top form tonight & the big trophy will be mine again!!!! Then again i sometimes let Mrs B win to keep her spirits up,It’s the kind of bloke i am and the difference between a bagga chips or a nice meal!

Anyroad me n my lump are having a fag n a brew,Have a good one & stay safe.


May 21, 2007

Well another year under the belt for young master B,19 already and this past year has seen him split up from his girlfriend and get his drink spiked (worrying time for all that was) being 19 ain’t all it’s bulled up to be i reckon,Mind you when i was that age back in 76 we were spiking our own drinks,how mad is that,then again they were mad times,you could see a band for 2 quid then and it’s more like 50 quid now,oh and the haircuts were a bit of an eye opener back then. Anyroad happy birthday mate i hope the things you want out of life come to you without much pain and remember even daft old cunts like me have been there!

A bulk buy of driving lessons as a gift for him so that has chuffed him,tell ya what though he will have to buy his own car,that has pissed him off! Hey as my dad used to say “I aint made of bleeding money!”

I had planned to get into town today to get some new boots but as i stayed up till 2 last night watching Hostel i dint get up till 11 ish so thats out the window for today,maybe tomorrow eh! That hostel had some good effects in it but i reckon it was mostly a soft porn film,Not brill but it entertained me!

Anyroad time for me to get up the shops for some snap,I hope your weekend was a good one,here in Hood Town we have another murder to add to the roll of shame .

Take care.

Tinterweb cafe & a fried slice.

April 1, 2007

Just been shown the interweb cafe at the factory,open all hours and all staff welcome,how shit hot is that eh,knock off for some snap n a brew and log on…Looks like the old place has done me a favor apart from trying to fuck with my integrity.We also have a canteen open till 2 am but the bad news is i am drawn up there at snap time for a full English and that aint good for my athletic figure…

What a belting day it was today what with the warm sun and a steady production i felt good,mind you being home with the lovely Mrs B would have been better but at double time i aint complaining.

Later that day…

Anyroad im off to bed, just nipped in to answer a few mails before slapping the quilt on my tab,Have a good one those of you with good intent,the rest can kiss my arse.You know who you are.

Stay safe folks its a fucked up world out there.