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It’s that stink again!

April 8, 2008

The sewers are backing up again..honest, One of the neighbours came round last night to tell us he had once again had a problem with the drains & this morning we got the stench back.. The neighbour has been on to Severn Trent but they say it ain’t their problem, Mind you they would say that after being nicked for fraud . There has to be a major fuck up somewhere down the line but Seven Trent don’t want to admit it is their fault.Customer service???? I’ve shit um!

It’s official…Lady Di is still dead, After spending over 10 million quid the news is out.She is fucking dead now let Di lie!

Oh and those McCann’s are back in the news..i reckon they did but my opinion ain’t worth a toss, Mind you Maddie was spotted in Tenerife last week so i might see Kate & Jerry by the pool in the summer eh? Cunts!

Anyroad i’m off up the shops for some veg so i’m off..Have a good one you lot.

Oh and keith…Here’s my card!

Ahh the days off…

January 10, 2008

A bit a a bastard this week, well two shifts ok and two proper busy un’s, So i am well glad they are done, Mind you i have been woken up twice this week after a hard shift i flopped into bed just dropping off to sleep when some whelk with a white van decides to rev what sounds like a tank engine to fuck for 10 minutes every morning..For fucks sake get it serviced…. What all that is about i don’t know though someone said it’s something to do with penis size????? I reckon it’s just a pain in the arse..

A nice new piece of razor wire has been mounted on the perimeter fence here at Barnze Towers so if that don’t deter those flea ridden moggies from shitting on my patio they are gunna get some sore paws!

The lovely Mrs B has been busy looking up some holiday destinations on the interweb so i know that the festive season is well behind us now..Bring on the summer!

Anyroad i’m off for a shower now. Have a good one and Stay Safe.

Oh yes they did……

January 9, 2008

Well well…There’s a thing.

That went by fast..

January 6, 2008

Well the days off soon flashed by, i must say i do miss the six off from the old roster but the six on were a bastard so it’s swings n roundabouts i reckon.

Another cat fell foul of my bowling skills last night..A little black un copped a nice sized boulder to it’s flea ridden arse, I reckon there are more cat keepers in the green nowadays but they all insist on leaving their bird killing, patio fouling stinking creatures out to roam other folks gardens at night..Time to get the catapult and marbles out i reckon as there is plenty of burial ground under my fuschia !

Cat owners take responsibility for your flea bags!

Back to the factory tonight..Lets hope for a good stint eh?

Take care out there.

Did they do it?

September 13, 2007

Why not look back in anger?

July 19, 2007

Last shift of the week tonight and what with a bit of sun shine today i am feeling good,Weather forecast says no rain for the weekend so it looks good for a day out in the countryside with the lovely Mrs B…Nice!

Bit of a bastard of a shift last night as the work came rolling in at a mad pace,mind you we coped with all it threw at us and by half four the shop floor was getting cleaned up and another few quid well earned goes into the bank..Ker fucking ching!

Plans are coming together for September and the Spanish islands look too be in the lead at the moment..Bring it on!

Anyroad it’s time for a brew n a fag now so i’m off have a good one and hope for justice eh?

Is it raining??

July 17, 2007

A drop of rain again today,another drop tomorrow and it looks like a bit of a sprinkle for the rest of the week. We have lost a couple of plants in the garden due to all the rain and last night one of our tomato plants got battered to fuck by the downpour so Mrs B ain’t happy and i ain’t looking forward to all that green tomato chutney

I suppose we were lucky to cop so much sun last week whilst on our hols eh as the forecast ain’t getting any better,All the more reason to get on the interweb n find a nice hot place to chill out in come September i reckon.Fuck me at this rate i reckon all of us here in Hood Town will be suffering from S.A.D. though i’m ok as i can allus shine a torch in my face..That don’t stop webbed feet forming though!

A drug dealer get’s 30 years in prison for killing another drug dealer here in HoodTown, Some say justice,I say it’s shit it happened in a busy street in the middle of the day,The piece on the Nottingham Evening Post website has brought a few comments including one stating the victim was “A young happy go lucky boy”…Mmmmm a happy hammer weilding drug dealer who got shot by another happy go lucky gun toting drug dealer..As they (Who ever they are) say shit happens !

In better news it looks like the Arts Theatre might live on for another season as folks chip in a few quid to keep the curtains open,I hope they find funding from somewhere! They can have all the cash out of my penny jar!

Anyroad i’m off to watch the rain pelt down,Have a good one dear reader and take care.


May 21, 2007

Well another year under the belt for young master B,19 already and this past year has seen him split up from his girlfriend and get his drink spiked (worrying time for all that was) being 19 ain’t all it’s bulled up to be i reckon,Mind you when i was that age back in 76 we were spiking our own drinks,how mad is that,then again they were mad times,you could see a band for 2 quid then and it’s more like 50 quid now,oh and the haircuts were a bit of an eye opener back then. Anyroad happy birthday mate i hope the things you want out of life come to you without much pain and remember even daft old cunts like me have been there!

A bulk buy of driving lessons as a gift for him so that has chuffed him,tell ya what though he will have to buy his own car,that has pissed him off! Hey as my dad used to say “I aint made of bleeding money!”

I had planned to get into town today to get some new boots but as i stayed up till 2 last night watching Hostel i dint get up till 11 ish so thats out the window for today,maybe tomorrow eh! That hostel had some good effects in it but i reckon it was mostly a soft porn film,Not brill but it entertained me!

Anyroad time for me to get up the shops for some snap,I hope your weekend was a good one,here in Hood Town we have another murder to add to the roll of shame .

Take care.

Nip round any time Ainsley.

May 2, 2007

Well it’s my last day off today and a good few off it has been,with only 2 shifts to do this week what with my mates nuptuals coming up at the weekend and the weekend off for that leaves me 2 shifts next week so all is good.

A bit of cleaning to be done today and the dinner to sort out so it’s pinny on for me. I don’t mind the cleaning it’s the wondering what to cook up that get’s me every time! Looking in the fridge i see we have the makings of burgers so that’s sorted. Job done.

Another stabbing here in Hood Town  yet again  murder on the streets last night..Makes ya feel safe eh? I just can’t work out why these things are happening on the streets nowadays! Seems like every few weeks the place goes mental,Is it the moon? Have the lunatics taken over the asylum ? Whatever it is it ain’t good.

Anyroad i got shit to to so i’m off,Have a good one dear reader and remember May is a good month if ya can dodge the bullets and blades.

Take care & stay safe.


March 28, 2007


Feeling a lot better today i can tell ya,the last couple of days we have been drained,Mrs B back at the office now and i am back at the factory in the morning so all is good in the hood,I just received my invite to my old mate Mas’s wedding function and am well looking forward to catching up with some old pals there,some of um i ain’t seen for about 15 years so it should be a good one.

The twat with the fucked up car alarm has finally moved house now so no more of that noise every day,just a couple more to bugger off and the green will be nice and quiet.Mind you saying that someone has a new puppy near us and they seem to leave it outside barking and whining all the time and that is becoming a bind,why do folks take pets if they are just gunna leave the poor fuckers in the garden all day?

Outsider caterers tonight,so no cooking for us!  Idle i know but every now n then it’s good for ya!

Anyroad i’m off up the shops to refill Mrs B’s  pamper pack,have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.