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A lovely night..

August 19, 2009

The lovely Mrs B and myself spent a quiet night in with a nice meal and a couple of bottles of champers last night. Remembering things that had passed and looking forward to things to come. I must say that the past 22 years have just zoomed by..Something to do with age so they say! I reckon we have loads of adventures to get through in the future so bring um on.

I had a call from my mucker Douggie earlier telling me that his mother in law had passed away after a long illness..Chin up old lad,look after the family and keep smiling.

That’s the bad bit about getting older..Folks die around you! Mind you i would not want to live forever,Unless i stayed aged 30 or something.

Anyroad it’s my last day off as i am back on the night shift tomorrow, Time goes by so fast when you have a good craic. Take care out there and love your loved ones eh?

How gracious the loser

April 14, 2009

I have vowed to win the next bowling game..If i don’t win then i am gunna have a proper strop on i can tell ya.As the foot shot shows i would be better of kicking the pins down……

Back to work tonight for the start of the night shifts,Douggie is back with us though he has a slipped disc in his back, Let’s hope it don’t hinder his graft eh?


A nice four days off with the lovely Mrs B and the weekend off coming so all is good.

Hope most of you had a good easter..Those of you who are in the other bunch know who you are<you twats.Take care.

Not quite the champ…

April 12, 2009

News just in..Went bowling yesterday.lost.Nuff said! Mrs B is the bowling champ & i have had to give her the trophy (For now)..I am happy to play today for a re match but no takers..If i were match fit i would have won but i have been poorly and am on some special cough medicine and it threw me off my game..Well done to the lovely Mrs B for taking advantage of a sick man. oh and thanks to jesus for the easter eggs.




Cheers to Zeltergiest for the pic…

Good news is we have another day off together tomorrow so it’s all good.if the weather is good we are off for a walk down the Grove,a nice place to spend a bit of quality time i reckon.

Androad i’m off to hear some more gloating about the bowling…Have a good one and don’t eat to much chocky eh?


June 13, 2008

But fucking funny.


The bone of contention.

April 26, 2008


Look i won on points difference ok!

A nice day out with some good times at the bowling alley and a nice meal in town before a bit of DVD shopping..All in a belter of a day had by all.

I love the weekends off…

Have a good one.


The Four Bagger..I had one once..

August 23, 2007

Off out bowling with the lovely Mrs B on friday.I ain’t gunna bother telling you how i am gunna win cuz more than likely Mrs B will kick my arse..Hey it’s the taking part that counts,Mind you if i win i shall be trumpeting!

A nice bit of pollock for us dinner today and a nice quiet night on the settee with a few glasses of wine and a bit of hand holding,Ya just can’t beat it!

Speaking of bowling i had a mail from Mal the plod telling me that he might be able to get to the next Go-lightly session,it will be good to get the old crew back together! Hope you can make it mate.

Anyroad i’m off to peel some spuds,have a good one and stay safe out there.

A sad loss.

July 4, 2007

I hear that the Arts theater is to close down & that is shit news as i have spent many an evening in there watching some top class acts,mind you we ain’t short on theaters here in Hood Town but to lose one is crap!

Good news today..It aint raining..Honest..and it’s Mrs Bs last day at work so the fun begins…A bit of packing to do in the morning and we are ready for our hols on the Broads kicking off in Brundle on Friday then cruising along from pup to pub at a steady 4 miles an hour…Nice!

You can’t beat an on board BBQ !

Anyroad stuff to do so i’m off,Have a good one dear reader and watch ya backs out there.

Ok i lost………………

May 25, 2007

I was shit at bowling the other night,lost 2 frames won 1,So another slice of the humble pie for me eh!!! Your a better bowler than i am Mrs B!

As it gets nearer i am well looking to getting away for a week on the water,with now’t to do but chill.Bring it on!

Anyroad break is over so it’s back to the factory floor for me,have a good one.

We lost….Again!

March 12, 2007

The Go-Lightly’s lost again at the bowling alley last night,Close games though and with the added bonus of the original G0-lightly team back together again,Good to catch up with Kwaig again so it was a good night all in and another re-match in the pipeline so the trophy can still come home.

Today i had to nip up to the job center and fuck me if i dint have all the stuff they needed,i knew that would happen!!!! Some right rough looking folks in there i can tell ya,not the sort of place ya wanna be! Seems to me that being unemployed makes you aggressive,rude and generally not a nice person,i wonder how long it takes before i get in that state??? It will be my first signing day tomorrow so i am well looking forward to mixing with those folks again…

The work is still going on in the market square but it looks just about done now,i can’t say i don’t like it as i haven’t spent much time there but it looks ok i reckon.I suppose it will grow on folks.

Anyroad i got a bit more paperwork to sort through so i’m off,Have a good one and stay safe.

And the loser is…………

February 19, 2007

I am now looking for a edible hat as i got my arse kicked yesterday at the bowling alley 2 frames to 1 leaving me with the losers cup and Mrs B dancing around in triumph,If i could have i would have ordered a portion of humble pie and chips,Still that makes us two sets all and everything the play for next time. I took some photos but master Bs pc wont let me download um so that will have to wait till i get mine back.

More wasted money on the slab square project as talking trees are put in place!! Yeah that’s a good idea???

Anyroad i’m off to polish Mrs Bs trophy and get stuck into my domestic duties.Have a good one and stay safe.