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22 and counting…

August 18, 2009

A nice romantic meal for two tonight as the lovely Mrs B and me celebrate our 22nd anniversary, 22 years and most of those happy ones,I suppose we all have some shite to deal with as we go through life but i reckon that apart from the shared heartache of family and friends passing ,we have been blessed with a happy life and i can not think of anyone better to share those good times than the lovely Mrs B.

Thanks for the memories Lovely,Lets hope for plenty more to come.

The champers is on ice.


I can almost taste the sangria.

August 16, 2009

A bit of a hit n miss week at the factory,Some good some bad but it has been and gone now and with only two more week to work till we jet off who gives one eh?

I will be catching up with my mate Douggie for his 2nd sitting at the tattooists on Wednesday so i reckon a pint or 2 after will be in order, A few more weeks to go till i get my next session and i am looking forward to getting the detailing put onto my latest piece ,Roll on.

It is our anniversary on Tuesday 22 years of wedded bliss, Bad news is that the lovely Mrs B (Promoted to a higher position) is so busy in the office she cannot get the day off..We are setting aside a day of our holiday in Alcudia for some special moments..Mind you there will be some hand holding done on the big day so all will be well. I hope to get at least another 40 years of celebration in before i shuffle off this mortal coil, Mind you having a knees up when you are 90 odd don’t really thrill me but i will give it my best. Ain’t love grand?

Anyroad i got a bit of stuff to catch up on so i am off..More tomorrow.Hope your weekend was a good un.Take care.

That was swift…

July 6, 2009

The last shift is here and the other 3 flew by, Mind you we were kept busy so no time to clock watch, The rest of the crew are getting pissed off with my “Only 8 weeks to go” shit, Regarding the next holiday but as Douggie is off on the next block of night shifts & the gaffer being off when i get back from my hols i suppose i shall get it poked back at me .

I managed to bump into the lovely Mrs B during my shift on Friday as she & Master B just happened to be passing, I even managed to grab a kiss, Serendipity.Oh and i passed a few wise cracks at Master B but he took them on the chin.

Back up to the Tattooist on Wednesday so i am chuffed with that,Time to feel the burn again, i am not sure about the design yet as the tattooist has the designs with him but a 2 hour stint should see some headway on my piece. Picks will be posted later.

Speaking of picturs …. Here is a foot shot from my latest holiday.

Have a good one and stay safe.

Valentine schmalentine..

February 11, 2009

I don’t do Valentines day,never have never will,A load of corporate bollocks if you ask me!

If you are lucky enough to love and be loved make every day a special one i say.

I am one of the lucky one’s i reckon cuz i found my soul mate way back!

If you pop in here any time Mrs B, I LOVE YOU! More that chocolate! More that iPods, More than guz gogs..Well, on par with guz gogs anyroad.


September 13, 2008
The view from the poolside bar.

The view from the poolside bar.

Back in Hood Town after a fantastic week in the sun.. No moans or groans just a brill time spent in a brill place with a brill person..What more could i ask? well i could have done without having a sub normal Londoner called Craig acting the twat every night we saw him and his crew of chavs.but apart from that we had a fantastic chill out.Loads of sun , fun n beer..Now for the planning of the winter get away…..

I was hoping to see the bingo place demolished on our return but it is still standing, though the Co-Op is down to four shelves of stock and that made me smile i can tell ya.

Anyroad i am off to rub some aftersun lotion into my skin..Have a good one you lot and take care eh!

Back soon.

September 4, 2008

Off for a weeks sun and fun..don’t miss me too much you lot..

A pack of rats!

August 22, 2008

We are off for a night on the town tomorrow to see the Legends of Las Vegas at the  Sands in Gainsborough with an overnight stay in a romantic place..How lucky can one guy be?

The weekend is gunna be a good one, and from what the crew tell me the factory was a madhouse last week..a good one to miss i reckon. And double time for Monday as it’s a bank hol things are looking good !

As the building trade is taking a nose dive young master B has branched out into landscape gardening so we may find him a few jobs in our front garden as the lovely Mrs BA pack of rats. has ideas for a veggie patch..who knows?

No cooking for me tonight as we are having outside caterers in, good for me as Mrs Bs wheat intolerance is getting in the way of menus… Mind you a good meal is on the cards for tomorrow.

Anyroad i am off for a game of dommies..Have a good one and stay safe out there.

21 today..

August 18, 2008

What a day eh..Our 21st wedding anniversary and a bottle of fizz chilling in the fridge.21 years without a bad work spoken.yeah right but i must say it has been 21 wonderful years with so much behind us that i would not change a thing. i got lucky the day i met Mrs B and have enjoyed the ride..Reminds me of the Queen song “Don’t stop me now

Sometimes i hear folks say how unhappy they are in their relationships and it makes me feel lucky that i have found my soul hard to find so they say but i managed it.

If you have a loved one, take good care of um eh!

i am off to celebrate now..have a good one you lot.

Barnze say’s “Ain’t love grand?”

Walk on by.

July 13, 2008

Well let me tell ya about our holiday eh? Well i’m posting it anyroad.. We did a shit load of walking and a shit load of different ciders i can tell ya, if you get down to somerset anytime try a drop of chedder’s top class stuff,mind you i never had a bad pint down there. we were lucky enough to start one walk on the right side of this hill and a bit of a bugger going down so i hate to think how it feels going up??

Not many steep drops like that but we got lucky i reckon.Exmoor has some lovely views but ya gotta hike for um..well worth the effort i reckon.

All of the little villages we ended up in were very friendly and the ale was spot on..Tell ya what though..After walking for 15 on miles in the hills and a few pints of cider i slept like a log.


We even made it down to Minehead..Not going there again as its a crap place to visit !! Mind you i got to play on the beach for a bit so not all that crap i suppose.

Anyroad time for my snap now so i am off.

Have a good un and take care.

Ahhh sleep…Alarm!..Snooze..Alarm!..Snooze.

June 2, 2008

A bit of a lie in today, Well two in fact as i had to hit the snooze button twice before getting up. How good is sleep eh?

Today’s site meter readings tell me that the old factory are still visiting here on average four times a day..I still get the buzz of seeing them pop up. I hope I provide some entertainment back to them as they make me smile.

A good shift last night with minimum work coming in , Just what i needed as i was the only shop floor op in the factory , Sometimes you just get away with it eh? Mind you it was a bit tense at times but the shift came and went with no shit at all…Nice!  Message to Douggie…Get well soon mate cuz the swimming in shit is getting to be a bit of a bind.

The street theatre is still putting on it’s act , the swearing at children is on going but we have had a respite from the incessant thud of a football poundingagainst a wall for a few days…Oh and we have been short of late night banging and music for a few days unall , Though i reckon we have become attunedto it now so it becomes a part of everyday life! Shame the neighbourhood is going down hill though as i see another house up for sale just up the road from me..let’s hope we get some nice folks moving in eh? Asthree familys of ignorant folk in a small comunity like ours is three too many! Bring back those halcyon days!

Anyroad time for a shower and a bucket of tea. The lovely Mrs B is on her way home.

Have a good one most of you and take care out there cuz the stabbers are at it again !

Barnze Say’s ” Grudgesare healthy.”