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Pick up tha musket.

March 13, 2007

The other night when we were bowling i managed to get a bit of the “Brahn boots” monologue out of me mate Flank,And very entertaining it was unall,He mentioned something about the Yorkshire pudding monologue at the time but we never got any of that one?? I reckon i should get old Flanky as a guest poster on here so you can share some of his taste in poetery! He never fails to make me smile!

Serendipity this morning as i was passing by Mrs Bs office i caught her having a coffee in the sunshine so i grabbed a quick kiss n a cuddle before i went about my business ,Moments like that are priceless i reckon.

Its good to see the daffs putting on a show on the way into town unall,spring is here at last.

Anyroad i got some spuds to peal so i’m off have a good one and stay safe.