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Having a knees up

May 20, 2014

street_art_banksy_london_england_3Well the time is going by a a good speed as our walking holiday gets closer.

We met our new bosses last week, they gave us a bit of hope of improvement in conditions so its a wait n see situation.. We have been here before so no holding breaths n that. The new mob seem to give a fuck so all is good.


My knee has been playing up for a few weeks now and I am thinking of getting a replacement done. Now I am old I can get it fixed. Bit  of a decision to make as my mates op dint go as well as it should and he is now having another op..

Tell ya what though it would be good to cut out the pain killers. Asnd get about pain free. I will make my decision when we get back from our holidays. See how I cope with the walks.  Mind you I do about five or six hours walking every day at work and that ain’t easy on my knee. We shall see!

Both Roxy and Frank are getting into mates mode now though they still have to rag each other up every day ( must be a dog thing) but on the whole they get on well.

Any road I’m off to watch Dark Star. A corny 70s Si fi movie.

Keep smiling.

We got pussy…

November 3, 2009

The lovely Mrs B is out on a residential course at a top hotel,leaving Master B n me in for a Dusk till Dawn fest,Pizza n beer.ya can’t beat it.

Time to take my seat…

A scabby week.

May 5, 2009

Another tough week at the factory, Mind you we did get Douggie back for the last shift so that one went a bit better, Now for a few days off and a bit of quality time.

The crew are off out after our last shift next week, now the weather is picking up we can nip down the road for an alfresco beer. It’s what Summer is made for i reckon,A cheese n onion cob and a pint after work!

The new tattoo is still a bit scabby so no pic yet, But as soon as it looks it’s best i shall post one up, What with Jax asking to see it and me chomping at the bit for stage three to be done, I am literally itching to get on with it.

I was well chuffed to see that Saturday night Sunday morning has been digitally remastered now.One of my faves is that,Mind you a bit biased owing to it being set in Hood Town ( Mind you some of it was filmed in London. ) but a classic i reckon, Go on treat yourself and buy a copy.

Anyroad i’m off to Mozzers to sort out dinner,Have a good one and as Arther Seaton said ” Don’t let the bastards grind ya down.”

A chill,a bit of justice & a splash of colour.

April 10, 2009

A busy week at the factory but the days off are here again,and a public hol so i have two extra days with the lovely Mrs B. Mind you the weather is shite so the trip to the seaside is off and either Bowling of the Cinema is in order with a meal out on the town thrown in! Such is life.

I was well chuffed to read that some DNA testing has found the killer of Colette Aram who was killed back in 1983 just up the road from me..This DNA thing is a fantastic tool i reckon and it’s good to see such a crime get it’s man. A bit of a shock for the bastard that killed her after nearly 30 years down the track eh? Let’s hope justice See’s him do his time. bring back hanging i say!

On a lighter note it’s nice to see colour popping up in the garden after all the work Mrs B has put into it,The whole garden is getting to be a better picture every passing day,Mind you we still have the odd flea ridden stinking cat coming through..mind your paws on that broken glass now!

Time for me to toddle through a few pages of the interweb now so i’m off,Have a good few off and take care.

The evil lollypop guild!

March 24, 2008

That’s entertainment..

December 12, 2007

Well i was a bit let down by the Golden Compass as it never ended, Ok so there is gunna be a No 2 but they could have said so before we went to see it..It was ok but it just stopped at a good bit just like the tele does… Apart from that the whole night went well what with a nice steak at Frankie & Benny’s (As always) and a nice settee to sprawl on and nibbles during the movie things went well.

Bad news is my 4 off have flown by & it’s back to the factory in the morning..Mrs B has to wait till April for her op so we are hoping someone drops out of the waiting list before then as it would be nice to get it sorted asap.

I nipped up to Speedy’s today for a trim but he was closed so that’s the third time i have done that in the last few months..mind you he now has an opening times list on the door so no probs next time .

Anyroad it’s time i iced my profiteroles and maybe snaffle one before someone counts um…

Have a good one.

The ultimate gangster.

June 6, 2007

I was well chuffed to read that another film about Robin Hood is to be made albeit with a new spin on the story,Owt to do with Bob Hood is ok by me,And i have enjoyed all the past films about him though Errol Flynn is my favorite big screen hood i reckon Costner came a close second.

Talking of Bob Hood has got me thinking that it must soon be time for another season of Robin Hood from the BBC soon,Come on beeb bring it on,In fact a shit load of new summer viewing should be on it’s way..I like tele me!

Even with a new spin…..

I love that picture!

Anyroad i am off to the bowling alley as the Go-Lightlys attempt to smash the shit out of the Pin Crushers and what with the lovely Mrs B dropping by later (She is working away today) i hope to be supping out of the victory cup yet again,Mind you this paper cut ain’t quite healed up yet…

Have a good one and Stay Safe.