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A pack of rats!

August 22, 2008

We are off for a night on the town tomorrow to see the Legends of Las Vegas at the  Sands in Gainsborough with an overnight stay in a romantic place..How lucky can one guy be?

The weekend is gunna be a good one, and from what the crew tell me the factory was a madhouse last week..a good one to miss i reckon. And double time for Monday as it’s a bank hol things are looking good !

As the building trade is taking a nose dive young master B has branched out into landscape gardening so we may find him a few jobs in our front garden as the lovely Mrs BA pack of rats. has ideas for a veggie patch..who knows?

No cooking for me tonight as we are having outside caterers in, good for me as Mrs Bs wheat intolerance is getting in the way of menus… Mind you a good meal is on the cards for tomorrow.

Anyroad i am off for a game of dommies..Have a good one and stay safe out there.

The country life for me.

August 8, 2008

Another grey damp morning…Mind you i am off out with the lovely Mrs B tonight for a few beers to celebrate a couple of folks birthdays so my spirits are up and only the day shifts to do before we are off for some easy listening and a night in Gainsborough..Oh and plans for another jaunt somewhere..A bit of countryside would be nice so i am gunna be looking up a few places to visit, Ya can’t beat a few days amoung the trees to chill out i reckon. Bakewell or Buxton look nice..A bit of walking to free the soul & the Peaks seem to do it for me!

I have notice i have another avid reader who is spending hours reading this load of shite..odd how my crap can suck folks in. Mind you one of my favorite visitors is still the backstabber..He pops in 6 or 7 times a day hanging on my every word! Loser!

Anyroad i am off to look at a few country retreats, Have a good one you lot,what with the weekend coming up and all that..Mind ya backs out there!

Midweek madness.

March 28, 2008

The street theatre kicked off last night, poor Mrs B did not get to sleep till well after 2am & i suppose it would have been worse for neighbours living closer to the epicentre of the music and door banging, The disturbance diary goes off to the council later today so that will make a good read for um on Monday.

I suppose with Summer just around the corner things are gunna get worse before it get’s better! Some folks just get fuelled up with too much ale and we all have to share in their domestic shit! Let’s hope they sober up and get a bit of spec init!

Plans still ongoing on the late Summer holiday venue so i am still in the dark on where we will be going..Crete was mentioned last night & i must say i do like the Greek people so any Greek isle will do me, The snap is good the wine is good but Greek music leaves me cold, a bit like bagpipe music does.. I hate bagpipes! Oh no!!!! What if the street theatre troupe start playing bagpipes??? That would force my hand hand i can tell ya!

Anyroad time for a shave n a shower in prep for tonight’s shift ..Have a good one you lot and let’s hope your neighbours let you sleep well eh?

Not much comfort for Mrs B but today i slept well!

The evil lollypop guild!

March 24, 2008


December 18, 2007

Now the world has gone barmy as the BBC censors one of the best crimbo songs !


Acting the twat again..

November 18, 2007


Cheers to our latest neighbour for waking me up at 3am saturday morning!!!

Turn it down for fucks sake!

What a surprise…

August 15, 2007


Well i was gobsmacked to find when i met the lovely Mrs on Monday morning..A change of plan as she was taking me up the big smoke to the West end for a show and a couple of nights stay.I was stunned i must say as she had booked the show (The lord of the rings ) the hotel and the trip to the London dungeon without me knowing..Romance is alive & kicking folks..

Anyroad we had a brill time  and the show at the Theatre Royal was top class, the whole production was fantastic,The sets were mind blowing the music great and the company of the lovely Mrs B made it one of the best nights i have had for a long time.

And with a couple of days to do all the tourist stuff we had a belter of a time We even made the honest mistake of nipping into a bar that had strippers (A large portion of a girl who took a shine to my tash by showing me her shaven lady parts)..Honest guv i never knew! All in some great laughs and a time that will be hard to beat…

A couple of museums taken in including the Natural history & the Science  Of course the foot pic outside the Natural history building for fans…The full English comes with chips in london,something i ain’t used to as is the 4 quid pint..Skanking bastards!

Good times & with the weekend booked off things are looking brill.

I hope you lot are having a good week.Take care out there. Perhaps more tales of our trip later.

A great tune n a brill clip.

June 11, 2007

Rock on!