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What next?

November 28, 2007

What the fuck is the world doing letting some woman get nicked for naming a teddy bear? I often see a bear sitting in a basket in a shop with some sort of competition to name it and once had a go for a quid with the name “Arse bandit” needless to say i dint win…..

Barnze say’s “Pack the fucker up ya daft twats.”

It’s for charidee mate.

November 15, 2007

Dig deep and lob a quid in the tin tomorrow cuz it’s Children in need day again. That means the folks who are twats for most of the year become bigger twats by sitting in a bath of beans or walking around with some daft clothes on trying to mug ya for a quid, Don’t get me wrong i am all in favor of looking after kids but get out of my face with ya daft suit and all that!

No you don’t look good!

Well shod.

August 8, 2007

Yet another full on shift last night as the work rolls in the sweat rolls off…Only 2 shifts to do before my 6 off comes around again…That beer looks colder by the day….

I see the local scrotes have taken to robbery now as they attack the staff at a Co-Op nicking some fags..What do you expect un to nick? The veg is shite and the choice of groceries piss poor in there..Mind you any sort of customer is a bonus for um eh?

The lovely Mrs B has a couple of days off next week so some extended quality time is on the cards,I even get a lunch out on the town on Monday,How good is that eh? Oh i was right about the shopping for the holiday (Roll on September) as another pair of shoes were purchased the other day!!! Ya can never have enough pairs i say!

Typing about shoes brings to mind this item about the mounted police being in financial shit,Sell the fucking horses and buy some walking shoes for the beat bobby (If we still have beat plods nowadays) for fucks sake we don’t need cowboy coppers trotting about on horses these day,we need APC,s and water cannons.

Anyroad i’m off to water the horses and muck out the pigs….

Have a good one dear reader the weekend is on it’s way.

Oh before i go take a look at this evil posting from Jinks…Spooky or what?

100% total twat!

August 7, 2007

Pete Doherty.

Nuff said.

Is it raining??

July 17, 2007

A drop of rain again today,another drop tomorrow and it looks like a bit of a sprinkle for the rest of the week. We have lost a couple of plants in the garden due to all the rain and last night one of our tomato plants got battered to fuck by the downpour so Mrs B ain’t happy and i ain’t looking forward to all that green tomato chutney

I suppose we were lucky to cop so much sun last week whilst on our hols eh as the forecast ain’t getting any better,All the more reason to get on the interweb n find a nice hot place to chill out in come September i reckon.Fuck me at this rate i reckon all of us here in Hood Town will be suffering from S.A.D. though i’m ok as i can allus shine a torch in my face..That don’t stop webbed feet forming though!

A drug dealer get’s 30 years in prison for killing another drug dealer here in HoodTown, Some say justice,I say it’s shit it happened in a busy street in the middle of the day,The piece on the Nottingham Evening Post website has brought a few comments including one stating the victim was “A young happy go lucky boy”…Mmmmm a happy hammer weilding drug dealer who got shot by another happy go lucky gun toting drug dealer..As they (Who ever they are) say shit happens !

In better news it looks like the Arts Theatre might live on for another season as folks chip in a few quid to keep the curtains open,I hope they find funding from somewhere! They can have all the cash out of my penny jar!

Anyroad i’m off to watch the rain pelt down,Have a good one dear reader and take care.

Over here son,on me head.

June 21, 2007


More stuff about the new footy stadium on the BBCs site today and another piece on the Evening posts site stating that we here in Clifton want this thing on our door steps.. I can only hope it boosts the house prices so i can sell at a massive profit and bugger off with a wad in my pockets.  As i don’t do footy it makes no odds where they stick the new ground but to loose a patch of green to build it just up the road from me makes me a NIMBY  we need shops not a football stadium!

Mind you with master B being in the construction trade i feel sure he would want to grab a few years work out of it! Perhaps if they knocked down the Co-Op and built on that ground i would feel better!

Even worse for my Bro who has been a County fan all his life to have that ground just up the road would stick in his craw,Lets hope it never happens eh bro?

Moving out to the countryside has got a bit closer to happening i can tell ya!

Have a good one..

Don’t stub,snub.

March 14, 2007

Well it’s the National No Smoking Day again & i for one am not joining in as every year we plod along waiting for proper national days to crop up but no joy for me,Where’s no cars on the road day eh? Stop acting the twat day,get mobility scooters out of shops day is missing and a few more i can mention but as its can’t be arsed day here at Barnze Towers i shan’t.

The weather has been nice over the last few days but i saw today on the news that snow is on it’s way again,that will knock the flowers back a bit i reckon.Though as you can see on the interweb Nottingham seems to miss it.

I had a call from Flank last night telling me there are plans for an inter factory bowling match in the planning and as i am no longer at the factory (Through no fault of my own) but  am  a member of the Go-Lightly team i would be invited to play,seems like a good idea to me Flank,bring it on.

Anyroad i got stuff to do so i’m getting stuck in,have a good one and buy an extra packet of fags today and spare a thought for the tobacco growers, Stay Safe.

“Outside of traffic, there is nothing that has held this country back as much as committees.”

January 29, 2007

The boating holiday is booked now and i must say i am well looking forward to it,If you have never done one give it a go,very relaxing once you lay off the ale a bit.

Cheers to the bus driver this morning for getting someone to give me a nudge at the bus stop opposite the village green this morning as i was fast asleep,nowt worse that waking up in Loughbrough after a night shift i can tell ya! Mind you i reckon somebody had a shit in my mouth while i was asleep!!!

I read today that another “proposed scheme” to sort out the problems on the A453 is on the table,Those schemes have been passed about since i was a kid at infant school and nowt has been done!

Set up a congestion charge,In fact set up some fucking great gates and charge 50 quid a go or better still send all the traffic through Beeston,even better bulldoze Beeston and make it a park n ride site,that will teach up to whinge about the proposed new bridge over the Trent (They reckon were all criminals),we won’t need a bridge then. Look at all the money i just saved the government!!!

Anyroad remember piracy is a crime and stay safe !

Ain’t that a kick in the head.

January 26, 2007

How easy is it to die?

The fag police are set to hound us smokers down,whats all that about then? For fucks sake we keep the NHS afloat don’t we? Never mind gun men and junkies poncing about on our streets pick on the fag smokers..Ya bunch of twats… Ya wanna be fucking cars off the streets,And them fucking mobility scooters,Fuck them off unall fucking things don’t belong in shops n that,In the fucking way of folks trying to do a bit of shopping they are!

It’s the smoking guns ya wanna get off the streets for fucks sake!

I’m off for a fag to chill a bit.

Two shootings,Not linked & just a BLIP!

January 24, 2007

Well another busy weekend here in Hood Town,Two shootings, A beating, A court case for wounding and a junkie nicks a bike just a Blip on the system according to Home office minister & Gedling MP Vernon Coaker,Nice one Vern you just lost a load of voters i reckon,Wakey fucking wakey you numpty,It aint a blip! Were getting our arses kicked here!

With the shootings we are told it’s ok they aint linked,Right..Like i said a few mothes back,Not linked means there’s two nutters out there shooting folks!!!! No worries there then.

Everyone i speak to says the same thing,Hood Town has a serious problem and extra street wardens to deal with it! Most folks only go out in groups (And even then some cunt will drug ya drink) to stay safer and still have stories of shit that happens on the streets. I’m glad i’m old..not many cases of someone spiking a pint of mild eh?

Anyroad Young Master B is better now,confused as to why it happened to him & a bit more wary of folks but on the mend! What a fucking week,we were hoping for a quiet boring winter.

Stay safe out there.