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Pop goes the weezle.

June 29, 2008

Here’s an odd one..The lovely Mrs B had just finished a bit of gardening and was sitting down with me in the great hall when she sad that a plastic bag had blown into the garden and was going out to get it when she said she thought it was a ferret..It was!!! How odd is that to have a ferret in your garden? I know they are not wild creature’s so someone is missing one.Anyroad i grabbed my camera and took a few shots of it.

Here it is at the back of our shed.A but damp as it was raining at the time but it was worth nipping out just to get a pic of it.

It was good to have it nip in though i reckon someone will be gutted that they have lost one.i lobbed a few prawns outand it snatched um up to eat. After about ten minutes of nipping in and out from under the shed it disappeared..Good fun while it lasted and i hope it made it back to it’s home though where that is is any ones guess.

Not the normal wildlife to visit our garden but good to see. What next?



June 27, 2008

This made me smile..Posted on my old mate the jehad punk’s Site… Now i can see it works well but who the fuck thought of it and why? Still fair play it made me smile and that’s a good thing eh?

Have a good weekend..I will !

What no belly dancers…

August 4, 2007

A top night had..I met up with the lovely Mrs B and her colleague’s outside the Hogs Head for a pint and a fag then we went off in search of food..No prizes  for guessing we popped in the see Mehmet in Antalya always a good night in there then off to the Bell for a swifty before getting back to Barnze Towers..Odd thing at the Bell as we spotted a girl wearing her belt right under her breasts….What’s all that about????

I have never seen owt like it before..Is it a new fashion or what?

Back to the factory tonight for the first of 6 shifts so not doing much today,a bit of admin and shopping and thats me done..

I hope you lot have a good weekend…Best foot forward as they say.

Well would you fucking credit it?

June 22, 2007

Me n master B have just noticed a pool of water coming from under our tele,after checking it out it seems we have a hole in our satellite  cable,you know the co-axial cable from the dish to the box,Well it’s acting as a straw and feeding rain down to the box,not safe i reckon…anyroad we are calling the company to get it fixed asap.How fucked up is that? It’s a wonder the tele dint blow up!!!!

A change of plan for tonight as it’s bombing down we have knocked going out on the town on the head,It’s crap out there,absolutely lashing it down  lets face it if it floods ya tele it’s time to stay indoors!

Anyroad i’m off to pump out the wine cellar!

Have a good one and  take care out there.

Good Morning Glasgow!

June 2, 2007

Nice to see that i have an avid reader somewhere in Glasgow..He/She is spending a lot of time here lately,Over an hour n a half yesterday and over half an hour now as i type..

Good to see i have some fans.

I got a tartan of my family name …

All that interest and not one comment???

Cabbage patch junkies..

January 31, 2007

The news today made me smile as police are being ordered to adopt junkies ! A nice warm n fluffy glow came over me as i expect that soon the fag police will adopt us smokers,what with the hug a hoodie shite we were hearing last summer ya just gotta wonder who the fuck thinks this kind of crap up..Gotta be the daft ideas dept working overtime again eh! It works for the Dutch so they say (Whoever they are?) but then again anything goes in Dutchland.

Also in the news a cock on story of some school kids prank to draw a big knob on the school lawn with weed killer then view it on Virtual earth..Nice one lads,I do love a bit of puerile every now n then!

And what about casinos eh? All that fuss about the super casinos being built for folks to lob their money in,Not a penny of mine will end up in “Geezers Palace” i can tell ya,Mind you if ya can smoke in um i might nip in for a walk around. Build um i say,it creates a bit of work and just think how all of us could adopt a gambler…

Anyroad i’m off to draw a cock in the butter,

Have a good one.

Nice melons…..

January 16, 2007


I have just read that Tesco have developed a Square Melon why i don’t know and at a fiver a bung i reckon i wont be seeing one in my fridge,Mind you i do remember having a gadget a few years back that made square boiled eggs! Them kitchen gadgets always end up on car boot sales and some daft fucker buys um unall?????

A bloke in the newsagents this morning was telling me that acording to the Doomsday Clock we are three minutes from a nuclear fuck up,I had never heard of it so good old Wikipedia sorted that one out for me,seems it’s been ongoing for ages & not a bad idea i reckon though if the world goes tits up ther will be no fucker left to adjust it……

Anyroad i’m off for a shower and then i getting stuck into a few beers in the company of the lovely Mrs B. Have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.


January 14, 2007