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Nads like walnuts.

December 1, 2009

Cold today,a frost n all that,Mind you forecast is ok so still on the scooter to work in the morning up to now,i could change my mind after looking out of the window in the morning!

We are having outside caterers in tonight so who knows what is on the menu,the world is your whelk when it’s takeaway night.

We were supposed to nip up to the tattooist today but Douggie could not make it,Mind you i still aint made my mind up on the last design for my backpiece,Tossing up between an axe on a grinding wheel and a hanging clown,Both tributes to someone special!

Anyroad time for a shave n all that so i’m off,Have a good one and wrap up warm eh?

Busy doin nowt.

September 3, 2009

Outside caterers in tonight.Chinese i reckon..Ya can beat sweet n sour chicken balls..Mind you by the size of the balls the cock must be big eh?

Managed to my my hair cut today after listening to a small boy cry and whinge all through hi trim…What is wrong with folks eh?

Time to pack the cases and get all the shit sorted ready for the hols..Audiobooks loaded on the ipod so i am sorted.

I wanted to nip into the tattooists today as i passed..Only a few weeks now untill i am back under the gun.Bring it on.

Anyroad i gotta get shit done so i am off,take care.

A swift un.

May 12, 2009

That’s the working week behind me and with a few cold ones out the front of the pub last night a good end to another hard week, now a few days off and a good start as i did not wake up till well after half ten today,I have been well looking forward to catching up on the sleep i can tell ya.

Outside catering tonight so no cooking for me..Nice!

Off out shopping with the lovely Mrs B on Friday,Mind you i had best slip on the kevlar vest as there is a sniper about in Bulwell not quite what you want while you are shopping.

Good to see the sun shining and the garden looking good,i even managed to get a little fat guz-gog of my bush before the birds and bugs got to it,The whole garden is in tip top condition (All Mrs Bs work) thanks to my watering skills.

Anyroad i am off for a brew now,Have a good one and mind you don’t cop a pellet in the eye if you are out and about in Hood Town.

A pack of rats!

August 22, 2008

We are off for a night on the town tomorrow to see the Legends of Las Vegas at the  Sands in Gainsborough with an overnight stay in a romantic place..How lucky can one guy be?

The weekend is gunna be a good one, and from what the crew tell me the factory was a madhouse last week..a good one to miss i reckon. And double time for Monday as it’s a bank hol things are looking good !

As the building trade is taking a nose dive young master B has branched out into landscape gardening so we may find him a few jobs in our front garden as the lovely Mrs BA pack of rats. has ideas for a veggie patch..who knows?

No cooking for me tonight as we are having outside caterers in, good for me as Mrs Bs wheat intolerance is getting in the way of menus… Mind you a good meal is on the cards for tomorrow.

Anyroad i am off for a game of dommies..Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Not an asprin.

July 30, 2008

Another corker of a day and i have been taking a few rays whilst reading out on the patio. I have had a good crack watching the old factory boss nipping in and out of here all day..Over an hour of time spent enjoying reading my shite rather than work..wanker!

Oh & i have rediscovered the game Painkiller and have been giving that some hammer this afternoon and as we have outside catering tonight no meal to cook. So i might make it to level 3….. i love a frag fest me!

It’s a public holiday on monday so a spot of double time is nice..kind of puts a shine on the last night shift i reckon.

Anyroad i am off to get the kettle on ready for the arrival of the lovely Mrs B..have a good one and keep popping in eh?

Spot on.

June 5, 2008

The last day off before the shifts start again and a nice day it is apart from that black cat stalking the birds again..Fucking vermin!

Last nights meal went well and as it is my last day off we are going for some outside catering tonight so who know what we will be having? Oh and i have a spot forming just above my right eyebrow..I wonder if i am going through puberty? I never suffered much from spots as a kid so i reckon having one now ain’t all that bad, Mind you i must admit i have had a go at it but no joy apart from giving myself some pain..We never learn eh?

Hey have you had a go on those Coinstar machines that are popping up in supermarkets? a good way of getting rid of your change. We bung all our coppers in a tin until it is just about too heavy to carry then take um to Asda (Wal-Mart) and bung um in..A good idea i reckon,Some charity gets a percentage so everyone is happy..Hey i am doing my bit! I reckon i have another tenner for our next trip! Oh and ya can allus find a foreign coin or two in the reject tray..Found some euros on our last visit..Free money can’t be all that bad can it?

Anyroad as it is warm n sunny i reckon i am gunna get out on the patio for a read and a bit of nature, Plenty of stones at hand just in case the local flea ridden moggies make an appearance.

Have a good one!



That’s a blast!!!

May 12, 2008

Shots fired again yesterday here in Hood Town..Just when you thought it was safe eh?

Another corker of a day..i even found time to get in the back garden for some sun’s a beach eh?

i am getting into holiday mode at the moment as the falconry day is next week and the trip to Somerset not far away. Kind of lifts the spirits i reckon..we always have something to look forward to i reckon.

A bit of outside catering tonight as it’s too warm to cook. I fancy a large deep pan jobby with loads of chillies on it..MMmmmmmmm.

Back to the factory tomorow night and its Douggies last stint for a few weeks as he goes to get his knee fixed and is due to have about a month off work.. Get well soon mate.

Anyroad time to look at a few menus to suss the food out so i am off..Enjoy the sun those of you who have some and take care eh!

It starts here..

May 2, 2008

The weekend is nearly here and me n the lovely Mrs B are off out somewhere.. A day at skeg was planned but i am not sure if we are going yet.. As always anywhere with Mrs B is a good place to be.

A quiet night in with some outside catering and a few glasses of wine tonight, we are having a ruby so the choice of caterers is good.

A nice day today with plenty of sunshine, nearly warm enough to sit out on the patio with a beer i reckon. The sonic gun is working a treat in the garden but i still found the ginger flea bag on the path at the side of the house…Dirty bastard.

Anyroad time i was off..Have a good one most of you..Keith & his cohorts can kiss my arse!

Another dodgy case.

March 17, 2008

Yet again another weird one as a kid is found after being missing for 24 days..yeah right???? Sounds a bit roapy too me that one,no news on that Madeleine girl for a bit..They did it i reckon!

Mind you talk about about this local mob who nicked an empty ATM..Twats or what?

Some things just make ya wonder!

My last day off today so a bit of outside catering is in order..A nice kebab and a few beers,not too many though as i got to get up at 5..I hate the day shifts! Mind you an early one on Thursday as i got a dentist appointment..I love the dentist me!

Anyroad i’m off..keep watching the news as i reckon something big is gunna come out about that missing child.

Have a good one and take care out there.

It takes gall.

February 15, 2008

Up early this morning as the lovely Mrs B had to get to the hospital for 7 and we had a cab booked for 6:30..Not nice having to leave her there i can tell ya but i had a call from her about half an hour ago telling me she was fine and visiting was 2 till 8 so i shall be nipping back in a bit..she say’s it is a bit sore but otherwise ok..Surgeons do a brill job eh?

 Just me n master B to cater for tonight so a trip up the chippy sounds good while Mrs B has ordered a chicken salad, just goes to show how different the private hospitals are eh? The rooms are like travellodge hotel rooms so no sharing and none of that pay per view tele (Fucking rip off that lark is) mind you they could have given us a twin room then i could have stayed the night! Still i get her home in the morning if all goes well then it’s plenty of r n r untill she is back up to speed..I have taken a couple of days ho;iday to see that all is well and with only two day shifts to do i shall be on call for the rest of the week.

Anyroad it’s time i was off up to visit lovely so i am gunna get going..Have a good on you lot and take care out there.

Barnze say’s “Thanks for taking care of lovely Mr Beckinham”