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At last..

March 6, 2008

My new system is up and running and i am well chuffed with it,mind you now i am in the getting it set up to my requirements stage.Don’t ya just hate fucking about for hours patching and downloading stuff?

The system arrived on time and well packaged so another pat on the back for Cyberpower.. A shit hot system at a good price..i can recommend um if you are looking for a new set up.

The lovely Mrs b has been keeping busy whilst recouping by baking bickkys and cakes for the crew at the factory and well received they are unall..Yesterdays fruit cake went down a treat..Perhaps some cheese straws next week eh?

Any road i am back to installing my software and that so i’m off, Have a good one you lot and take care.

Barnze say’s “I’m well chuffed.”

Happy day’s.

February 29, 2008


I have just had a call from Cyberpower to say my new system will be here on monday..Bonus! I am well chuffed with that news i can tell ya.mind you i will have the task of mixing and matching my old system with young master B’s later in the week so i feel sure that we shall have fun with that.

Today i have been busy making us a ruby for dinner..It smell fantastic, though Mrs B is

taking the tasting a bit too far i reckon.

Young master B has had bad guts and the squitters the last few days and i thought i had

contracted it off him last night but i am ok today though i reckon the curry will shift owt

a bit dodgy out of my guts tonight. As my old dad used to say “All done bar the wiping”.

Anyroad i’m off for a game of online dommys.Have a good one you lot and take care.

Been out for a drink..Let’s piss off the neighbours!

February 28, 2008
I missed another episode of our local drunken street theatre last saturday..Makes a good read in the disturbance diary..Mind you not so good for the recovering Mrs B and the rest of the residents as it was 2:30 in the morning..What happened to respect?
We are gunna try n get some photos and an mp3 recording of the next episode.
My new PC is now at the quality control stage so not long now till it gets to me, Can’t be
quick enough i can tell ya.this system can’t post up on here too well.
Anyroad i’m off to shoot paint balls at cats in my garden!
Have a good one most of you.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a woman?

February 23, 2008

The lovely Mrs B is going crazy stuck at home all day even though we do get out for a bit of a walk she is still getting fed up…Perhaps a bit of basket weaving is in order eh?

 Back to the factory tonight for me after a good stint off, though i am looking froward to the next bunch of days off, it has been a bit odd being off together but not being able do do stuff or go places.. let’s hope recovery goes well eh?

The new PC can’t get here quick enough i can tell ya as i am getting well pissed off  with this system..Mind you i hate having to set systems up to opperating standards, All that mucking about just to get firewalls/antivirus,spyware shit in place is a ball ache!

Anyroad i’m off to get a shower n a shave in prep for my shift,Have a good one you lot

and take care out there.


It’s all good in the hood.

February 16, 2008

Good news as the lovely Mrs B made good recovery and was allowed home a few hours after  her op. A bit sore but feeling ok about the whole thing..Cheers to all the staff at the BMI Hospital here in Hood Town for their top class service..You played a blinder!

Now all i have to do is see that Mrs B gets plenty of rest..Not hard to do if i tie  her feet up to stop her wandering about.. Also on the good news front i ordered my new PC today from Cybersystem..A custom jobby that took about an hour of juggling to get what i wanted but it looks the dogs so i am well chuffed.. now the waiting game as it is being built!!

A cold night last night as we woke to find the garden white over and the bird bath frozen


Anyroad i’m off to make a brew..Have a good one you lot & take care out there.

 Barnze Say’s “Take good care of the loved ones.”

Have you got the guts?

February 11, 2008
Apart from a few nut jobs to deal with the working week has gone by with no major hassle the lovely Mrs B is up at the hozzie at the weekend to have her gall bladder removed so i have a couple of days shifts off for the after care..I have been toldshe is getting a bell to ring for my assistance..I must get my hearing sorted out..
We hope the recovery goes well cuz as soon as she is back to full speed we shall be going on the Falconry weekend jaunt and we are both well looking forward to that!
Anyroad the day’s off are here again and i have a bit of biz to do finding someone to build
 my new pc for me,then i am gunna make a frankenstien system from my old one and young master B’s system so he can up grade from his duffer , I am well up for the messing about with them.. You never know i might just learn a bit of something.
Well i am off for a shower and an asprin as my man flu is still clinging on..
Have a good one you lot and take care out there.
Barnze say’s “You will be fine lovely”

What goes around….

February 7, 2008

A nice few days off with the lovely Mrs B have flown by and it’s back to the factory tonight for the first of four shifts.. It was good to see the Nottingham Eye being erected in the market square the other day..A bit more impressive than the skating rink i reckon!

The old favourite of Shepherds pie to make for the family tonight and i reckon a bit of time to get a few episodes of Fools n Horses down me.

The new flooring has been fitted in our toilet and bathroom now so that’s another job out of the way..I hate DIY..No honest i hate it!

I am in the process of working out the components for the new pc and trying to find the best bloke for the job of building it for me..Some of the prices folks charge take the piss i can tell ya! Mind you it will give me a chance to strip down my exsisting system and have a muck about with it…ya neve know i might get it running right again..Then again!

Anyroad i am off to chop an onion..Have a good one and stay safe out there.

A Pierced cock????

February 4, 2008

Well the working week went well & apart from a crap comedian snuffing it and a crap pop star losing her marbles nowt has happened, We had a few flakes of snow and it has been cold but as the lovely Mrs B has a few days off i reckon we shall be warm n snug together.

We nipped up to B&Q for some flooring for our bathroom today and as there

was a small

tear in the vinyl we chose we got it half price..Thanks to Mrs B’s negotiations !!!

I love it!

I have had to re install windows on my system today and we all know how much of a

ball ache that is ..At the end of it i reckon it is time i got a new system as

i am still getting a few probs..Arse!

More pay out!

Anyroad i’m off to get a brew or maybe a beer as i ain’t working ..

Take care out there!

Ain’t monday’s brill?

January 28, 2008

Another splendid morning here in Hood Town, A bit crisp but sunshine and bird song knock the edge off that..It makes me feel good and i have noticed the sun coming up earlier every day giving the garden some life boost.

I got the PC repair bloke coming around at about 3ish so i hope all goes well there.before then i am off up the shops for some eggs (Free range of course) so we can have a full English for dinner, Ya can’t beat a good fry up!

A bit of a late one last night as i watched “For a few dollars more” number two from a box set of spaghetti westerns i received at crimbo, And the train did stop at Tucumcari. Top stuff i reckon.

Anyroad i’m off for a brew and a bit of shopping.

Have a good one and stay safe.

Raining cats and cats

January 21, 2008

Another rainy day here in Hood Town.. And i have got to nip up the shops.ARSE..Don’t ya just hate having to leave a nice warm house to go out into the cold. Mind you one good thing about the rain is it keeps those fucking cats away..I stocked up on cat sized boulders yesterday so bring um on.

Got a bloke coming round on Monday to look at my PC so hopefully he will sort it out for me..If not i reckon it’s time i got a new one..

Anyroad i am off up the shops for inspiration…I shall be there a fucking long time…..

Have a good one and stay safe.