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“Outside of traffic, there is nothing that has held this country back as much as committees.”

January 29, 2007

The boating holiday is booked now and i must say i am well looking forward to it,If you have never done one give it a go,very relaxing once you lay off the ale a bit.

Cheers to the bus driver this morning for getting someone to give me a nudge at the bus stop opposite the village green this morning as i was fast asleep,nowt worse that waking up in Loughbrough after a night shift i can tell ya! Mind you i reckon somebody had a shit in my mouth while i was asleep!!!

I read today that another “proposed scheme” to sort out the problems on the A453 is on the table,Those schemes have been passed about since i was a kid at infant school and nowt has been done!

Set up a congestion charge,In fact set up some fucking great gates and charge 50 quid a go or better still send all the traffic through Beeston,even better bulldoze Beeston and make it a park n ride site,that will teach up to whinge about the proposed new bridge over the Trent (They reckon were all criminals),we won’t need a bridge then. Look at all the money i just saved the government!!!

Anyroad remember piracy is a crime and stay safe !