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Hand wash your pussy.

December 1, 2006


Today is the start of Anger Awareness Week are you aware how pissed off you realy are? I am!

It’s Tree Dressing Day unall today,Lucky for me i have a carrier bag, a crisp packet and a half eaten kebab in one of the trees in our garden,Nice of the neighbours to help dress the trees eh? Saves me the time and effort..Cheers you cunts!

And finaly it’s World Aids Day  you can help by stopping shagging all that rough trade while your on holiday in a third world country,you know what i am saying eh? Visit Thailand and take a look at the countryside,Enjoy the food just leave out the dirty prozzy filled bars and keep ya knob in ya pants..

Do you reckon these campaigns make a difference? I reckon they will only be noticed by the more responsible folks,The youth of today don’t give a fuck about anything bar themselves!

Mind you when i was a youth (Not that long ago.) i never gave a fuck either!

Have a good one, wear a condom,look after your tree & don’t get mad,Get even.

Oh and Stay Safe it’s full of nut jobs out there.