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Ain’t that a hole in the boat.

November 16, 2007

Cheers to Claire for the gift, I am well chuffed with it…Your secret is safe with me! And as they say. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!” Nuff said.

Not a lot of leaves left on our trees here at Barnze Towers now as Autumn kicks in and last night we spotted one of our resident hedgehogs snuffling through a heap of the fallen ones for some bugs, Good to see them again as they have been hiding away for the last few nights. Ain’t nature brill?

A nice steady day today with just a stir fry to whip up for dinner later on after the lovely Mrs B gets home so not a lot to do bar nip up to the shops for some bean sprouts and water chestnuts. I like these kind of days!

Right then i am off for a brew before going out into the cold.Have a good weekend you lot and take care.

A poor turn out…

November 15, 2007

Only four of us turned up for the bowling last night..Mal the plod was working, Dark n devious has a buggered knee (Claims he did it dancing..) Martin had a night with his grand kids so just the lathe, big Paul , Annie go lightly & me on the lane..Caught up on the latest goss and slammed a few beers down us so all in a good night.. Not quite sure who won though as we all just bowled as a gang with no competition.

The couple in the next lane to us were a right pair, Calling themselves “The bearded shrimper” & ” Dancing rainbow”….What’s all that about?

Today i am hanging about waiting for the cavity wall man to come then it’s off to the shops to grab something for dinner, mind you i don’t mind being indoors today as its a proper winter wonderland outside as we had a good frost overnight. I had to smash the ice out of the bird bath first thing… Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anyroad i’m off for a brew n a bit of toast..have a good one and stay safe out there.

Poorly,busy n tired.

September 9, 2007

I have had a bit of a cold the last few days,sweating like a pig and feeling as rough as fuck,mind you no days on the sick for me..Just plodding on as best i can at the factory but it has been bed n work for a few days..Mrs B has perchased another pair of shoes so no change there then,A bargain so she tells me!!!
The holiday is only a few days away so we are getting the fever now..Roll on.
Anyroad as i am at the factory i gotta get back to the shop floor..More in a bit.

Take care.

Nearly there..

August 28, 2007

Half the weeks work done..Fingers still swollen and  sore (Getting better by the hour) but the work keeps coming in,So  it’s carry  on regardless ..

Only 3 weeks till me & the lovely Mrs B nip off for some sun n fun  in Spain so that thought is keeping me in high spirits though i reckon we shall be shopping at the weekend for shoes,To quote Mrs B “You have to have new shoes for the holidays,It’s an unwritten law”. I shall make do with my old faithful,not that i am planning on doing much walking!

Anyroad i gotta get a shower n all that before getting back to the factory so i’m off.

Take care  out there.

Well shod.

August 8, 2007

Yet another full on shift last night as the work rolls in the sweat rolls off…Only 2 shifts to do before my 6 off comes around again…That beer looks colder by the day….

I see the local scrotes have taken to robbery now as they attack the staff at a Co-Op nicking some fags..What do you expect un to nick? The veg is shite and the choice of groceries piss poor in there..Mind you any sort of customer is a bonus for um eh?

The lovely Mrs B has a couple of days off next week so some extended quality time is on the cards,I even get a lunch out on the town on Monday,How good is that eh? Oh i was right about the shopping for the holiday (Roll on September) as another pair of shoes were purchased the other day!!! Ya can never have enough pairs i say!

Typing about shoes brings to mind this item about the mounted police being in financial shit,Sell the fucking horses and buy some walking shoes for the beat bobby (If we still have beat plods nowadays) for fucks sake we don’t need cowboy coppers trotting about on horses these day,we need APC,s and water cannons.

Anyroad i’m off to water the horses and muck out the pigs….

Have a good one dear reader the weekend is on it’s way.

Oh before i go take a look at this evil posting from Jinks…Spooky or what?