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Still alive..Just!

October 28, 2009

Still poorly,it’s been ages now and no sign of it going away,Mind you i slept like a log last night for the first time in weeks,I am taking it easy this week just catching up on sleep and keeping snug n warm.

Just back from the tattoists and am well chuffed with the knight,I will post photos when it has healed.Poor Douggie still has another session on his back so he is still not done,maybe next week mate..

I have a few days off now so plenty of time to rest up and try to shake this cold off,hot lemon drinks and losds of tele will sort it.

Anyroad i’m off to sort the dinner out,Have a good one and take care.

Not quite match fit.

October 12, 2009

I am still not up to speed yet after nearly 2 weeks of feeling like a bag of shit..Proper poorly and now the lovely Mrs B is getting the virus..I feel sorry for her but i reckon she wont have it half as bad as me….

I am enjoying the scooter and am getting in and out work in about 10 mins..brill..i am looking forward to a good run out this week to hone my skills, Mind you i am up at the tattooists in the morning so no chance of a run out tomorrow.

i have been to tired to get up on the pc for the last few days so i have a shit load of catching up to do so i am off to read a few folks stuff. Have a good one.

Bang out of order.

January 11, 2008

I ain’t all that bothered about fur coats and i ain’t all the fussed on old Maccas ex wife but i reckon if you are gunna rip the fur off a dog you should kill it in a proper way before you do. This video shows just how fucked up the Chinese fur trade is. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to see a live animal writhing in agony with it’s skin ripped off. Oh and by the way the fur on my parka is fake…Honest.

I’m off to wipe the tears from my eyes.


December 17, 2007

I just scraped up a weapons grade cat turd from the patio…I reckon i will upgrade my cat defence systems next year so i can leave a few bodies hanging around to deter the rest of the flea ridden bird killing bastards…

Quite a bit to do on this block of days off..Shopping,haircut,visit to occupational health,razor wire to install but plenty of quality time with the lovely Mrs B so it’s not all rush about…

Tell ya what all of us on my team at the factory were well chuffed to see the end of the working week as the kitchen area looked like a chemist’s shop with all the medication laid lemon cures,asprin and suchlike..All of us has some sort of bug loitering in our systems! But we carried on carrying on! What a crew eh?

Anyroad i got a few things to do so i’m off, have a good one and take care out there.

Barnze say’s “Only seven more sleeps to go.”

Merchant banker!

November 7, 2007

There i was this morning in the bank putting in a cheque for 4 quid from Photo-Me sent to me because the fucking photo booth in the Co-Op was bust and took my cash with no photos and the Co-Op don’t do refunds as the Co-Op are totally shit when this numpty comes in on one of those hated invalid carts and knocks over the tape barrier and gets it wrapped around the wheels of the thing.. I thought we were being held up or something,Mind you i did get a laugh from muttering “Merchant” as the ladies from the house sales area tried to sort the idiot out..When will they ever learn?

We are having some outside caterers in tonight as i got no inspiration whilst up at the Co-Op this morning, oh last nights shepherds pie went down well with an empty dish left at the end and everyone happy.

Back to the factory for the start of the day shifts in the morning and i still have the lurgy so i ain’t all that chuffed about that but i reckon i can make it through….

Anyroad it’s time for a shower now so i’m off, have a good one and stay safe out there

Just the two to do..

October 31, 2007

Well four shifts down and all is well at the factory,The new gaffers are giving us a pay rise ( Nice!) and a few days extra holidays ( Better!) plus new kit for all so most of us are well chuffed,A couple of our chaps are leaving for pastures new so we are expecting to see some new faces on the shop floor soon, Let’s hope they can do the biz eh? Only the toughest need apply!


  I nearly late for my shift yesterday by sleeping through the alarm but as luck would have it the lovely Mrs B phoned me and woke me up..It’s this virus that’s done me,as i said the other day it makes ya as tired as something that gets very tired. I am well looking forward to the next block of days off i can tell you and what with the lovely Mrs B still getting pain from her guts (Hospital on the 14th) we both need some quality time to make each other feel better! Love heals as well as hurts you know?

I can only blame the software for the fuck up with the text fuck up as it just don’t want to align proper..I am getting pissed off with clicking the boxes and it not working that i am considering going back to blogger again.

See it fucked up again there!!!!!


Anyroad i am off for a bucket of tea and a bit of tele before i have to get off  to the factory,Have a good one you lot and if you have shafted me in the past and see me in the street just keep your head down and walk on by eh!



Fishing ports..They smell.

October 8, 2007

My PC is sorted..Just a few loose connections..Thank fuck for that as i just could not get on with the one i borrowed..Still it got me through eh?

Only two more shifts to do this week as i have been booked on a training 

course Thursday n friday down in Grimsby of all places..Hey if you live in Grimbsy my advise is get a fishing boat or move…

The man flu still has a hold on me & the lovely Mrs B but we are keeping on!

Anyroad just a quicky today so i’m off.

Take care out there!

Pain…It hurts…

June 27, 2007


We once again my teeth are giving me grief,Fuck me if i only got 4 hours sleep today after constantly waking up in pain,I reckon i’ts time to get it ripped out but finding a dentist that does what you ask is not easy as i don’t do dentists,A bit like Clowns,Nuns n Dwarfs i reckon EVIL..But i gotta get this pain sorted.

One of our team got a cut last night on his hand..Not a big one but due to infection risk he went to see the medic,He got some shit in there so he had to have a jab and got sent home so i reckon that’s him done for the rest of the week,bad luck mate i hope it don’t go the wrong road.. Bad news when someone gets hurt at work even with all the PPE we wear sometimes the job still manages to bite back..Get well soon mate.

Anyroad i’m gunna see if i can grab an hours kip before getting ready for the 5th stint of the week. Have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.

I still hate cat’s

May 11, 2007

At last Friday has got here, Mrs B has the chance of a sleep in so no early bed time and though i am back on the night shift on Saturday we always have a good time tonight. I reckon a bit of outside catering and a bottle or two of wine should do the trick!

Them cats are ganging up on us again, shit all over the garden again this morning though nowt in the gin trap, Mrs B reckons we should get a sonic repeller  to keep um off though i don’t think they work… The folks who keep these stinking things as pet should be responsible for their actions rather than kicking um out to shit in my garden, first to cry when their moggy wanders in with a neon paint splash on it’s head i can tell ya. Don’t come pointing the finger at me i ain’t done it…. I found something called “Silent Roar” that has lion shit in it,they reckon it works so it might be worth a go eh? Anything to keep the evil fuckers out!!!!

Anyroad i’m off to look up on the interweb what can be done to keep those cats out. Have a good weekend you of good intent,The rest of you are not welcome here.

Take care out there !

Leave the kids at home..FFS.

April 30, 2007

When we were down the ferry the other night it was a surprise to bump into my old mate Mass in there,on his way into town for a few while we were doing the romance thing at a table for two,mind you as it was early we had to put up with some loud drunken twats and their unruly kids for a bit and that does tend to knock the sparkle off the evening but what can ya do without a cattle prod eh? I hate folks who have no idea how to conduct them selves on these occasions.

Anyroad we shall be catching up with Mass next weekend as he gets married (And about time unall) and as we discussed the wedding gifts i was well chuffed to hear he wanted some vouchers to pick their own gifts as he would have ended up with another set of wine glasses!!!

The meals were good as expected and the wine was really nice though overpriced as always  but the ferry is a nice place in the summer time so we shall be back.

Anyroad thats it for today as i’m up the shops for some snap.Take care and stay safe as there are some twisted fuckers about.