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Pics just in….

July 31, 2009

Master B has just nipped in,showered got changed and gone out to a party )How good is it being young?) between that space of time i got him to get a couple of snaps of my latest ink…

I have been looking forward to the kangeroo piece, it turned out well i reckon.


The coat of arms is just at the outline stage at the moment but i reckon it looks good enough for a picture. A lot of detail to go into it after my hols.

This one is just at the base of my neck..And sore as hell.

Anyroad thats it for now just a quick update ..Off out to wine n dine.


Have a good one and take care.

A stabbing pain in the back.

July 31, 2009

Just back from the tattooists and now have the outlines of the next threes pieces on my back,I shall get the detail work done after my hols (Only a few weeks to go) so i am well chuffed. Mind you i am a bit sore as the new pieces are scattered over my back making it feel like an allover burn.The whole piece is looking good now,i tried to take some photos but i could not manage it on my own so i will get Mrs B to take a few snaps later then i shall post um up.

I am off out tonight to meet up with the lovely Mrs B and a few of her work collegues for a few pints beside the canal..i love the summer nights and for once this week it aint raining!!!

Last week went well with two days intensive training on some new procedures and the remainder of the week at the factory,We are still awaiting news of more changes and my fingers are crossed for a shorter working week.

Anyroad its time for me to get sorted for tonights beer bash. Have a good weekend you lot and stay safe.

Back to the floor.

June 13, 2009

Not a bad week for me at the factory,busy on the shop floor and i reckon i did a good job of steering the ship so all went well, Our gaffer is back next week and after those shifts me n the lovely Mrs B will be off on our jollys.


Here is another pic of the last tattoo,it just don’t give it justice but i reckon its a belter, i have been chomping at the bit to get the rest done and after the hols i will be booking some full days of work on my back,mind you i reckon that the pain will be a bit more intense than just an hours session but i just want to get the whole piece done as soon as i can,Mmmmm a full body job???

I have come to the end of The Dark Towerseries of audio books, A brill read/listen i can recommend um. i am about to start on Tad Williams “Otherland” series..They will see me through some serious sun lounger time i reckon.

Anyroad i reckon its time i caught up on a bit of Crysis so i’m off to frag a few foes. Have a good weekend you lot.


September 13, 2008
The view from the poolside bar.

The view from the poolside bar.

Back in Hood Town after a fantastic week in the sun.. No moans or groans just a brill time spent in a brill place with a brill person..What more could i ask? well i could have done without having a sub normal Londoner called Craig acting the twat every night we saw him and his crew of chavs.but apart from that we had a fantastic chill out.Loads of sun , fun n beer..Now for the planning of the winter get away…..

I was hoping to see the bingo place demolished on our return but it is still standing, though the Co-Op is down to four shelves of stock and that made me smile i can tell ya.

Anyroad i am off to rub some aftersun lotion into my skin..Have a good one you lot and take care eh!

Pop goes the weezle.

June 29, 2008

Here’s an odd one..The lovely Mrs B had just finished a bit of gardening and was sitting down with me in the great hall when she sad that a plastic bag had blown into the garden and was going out to get it when she said she thought it was a ferret..It was!!! How odd is that to have a ferret in your garden? I know they are not wild creature’s so someone is missing one.Anyroad i grabbed my camera and took a few shots of it.

Here it is at the back of our shed.A but damp as it was raining at the time but it was worth nipping out just to get a pic of it.

It was good to have it nip in though i reckon someone will be gutted that they have lost one.i lobbed a few prawns outand it snatched um up to eat. After about ten minutes of nipping in and out from under the shed it disappeared..Good fun while it lasted and i hope it made it back to it’s home though where that is is any ones guess.

Not the normal wildlife to visit our garden but good to see. What next?


A poor turn out…

November 15, 2007

Only four of us turned up for the bowling last night..Mal the plod was working, Dark n devious has a buggered knee (Claims he did it dancing..) Martin had a night with his grand kids so just the lathe, big Paul , Annie go lightly & me on the lane..Caught up on the latest goss and slammed a few beers down us so all in a good night.. Not quite sure who won though as we all just bowled as a gang with no competition.

The couple in the next lane to us were a right pair, Calling themselves “The bearded shrimper” & ” Dancing rainbow”….What’s all that about?

Today i am hanging about waiting for the cavity wall man to come then it’s off to the shops to grab something for dinner, mind you i don’t mind being indoors today as its a proper winter wonderland outside as we had a good frost overnight. I had to smash the ice out of the bird bath first thing… Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anyroad i’m off for a brew n a bit of toast..have a good one and stay safe out there.

Bang goes a few quid..

November 4, 2007

The fireworks do was a good one,With a hotdog,some mushy peas and a couple of pints it went well, mind you i reckon we were too close to the display as we had hot embers dropping on our heads as the fireworks were set off & the fire drove folks back within a few mins of lighting..I was right about the scrotes though as the chap on the pa system told us that vandals had smashed 36 of the windows and had caused that much damage that the Christmas Santa Special train would not be running this year..Bastards!

After the display we nipped back to Barnze Towers to snug up in front of the tele with a few beers! At 3 in the morning we were both woken up by a lot of door banging and Mrs B looked out of the window to see the woman from the nextdoor but one staggering around in a short skirt and a boob tube totally pissed out of her crust, back to sleep only to have a repeat at 6 am….This time i was up..Folks need to get some respect eh…Our new neighbors just ain’t letting up on this sort of shit!

Get yer sen sorted for fucks sake!

Today we nipped into Hood Town for a bit of shopping.only a dvd for me and a top for the lovely Mrs B but a good time had,back to work for Mrs B in the morning and another day off for me…Perhaps we shall be allowed to sleep tonight!

Go on dive in…

October 2, 2007

Hey Mal….Bowling on the 14th of November…Can ya make it?

Hey Mas..Back in blighty now,More mozzies here than over there!

Hey Go – Lightlys…see you lot on the 14th,I hope things are getting better over there now!

Brown as berries..

October 2, 2007

Both me n the lovely Mrs B have nice tanned skin now and are feeling fully recharged after a great week.Loads of cold beer and good food always works for me!

Bad news is that Mrs B has a sprained ankle and is in a lot of pain..Not sure how she damaged it but it has swollen up and is giving her some grief..Mind you it never stopped us having a good time as we picked up a bandage,some pain relief and a walking stick to ease the way so all was well. The doctor here in Hood Town has told her to rest up but she went back to the office today..I reckon she should have taken a few days to rest but what do i know?

Anyroad as promised here is another photo (Taken by Mrs B) from our hols..A nice little windy street up in the castle grounds in Tossa. We spent a lovely morning just wondering about up there before going down to the town for a cold one and a bit of a doss on the beach…Nice!

Right i’m off now for a bit of a nod as i am knackered, A seiesta of sorts eh?

Take care out there.

All plates intact.

June 10, 2007

A good time was had last night at Pappas place the food and service was spot on and with a live bouzouki player to bang out a few tunes we enjoyed the whole thing,apart from the bread..They served pitta bread with the meals and both me n Mrs B reckon they should serve an authentic Greek bread but other than that we enjoyed our Mezzes . we will be back to give it another nudge later in the year.

After the meal and a bottle of wine we headed over Trent bridge to the Casa for a pint but it smelt like a toilet as soon as we opened the doors so bollocks to that place,So we nipped up to the Globe for a drink before going back to Barnze Towers. A warm welcome and a corking cold pint in there.

Today we nipped into Bulwell for a suitcase for our hols (I bust the handle off one last year) grabbed a few meats and a nice lump of bread for our meal tonight oh and two very large garden candles to keep the bugs at bay,great fun spinning them around like star wars light sabers, though i did get on Mrs Bs nerves a bit but i was lucky enough to only get jabbed in the ribs a few times…. I think it’s a sign of affection!

Anyroad it’s time to get the shopping in as the delivery is here,Have a good day you lot and take care out there.