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More to come???

January 26, 2010

After getting rid of the frozen snow i now hear that there is more to come,What about this Global warming they are always banging on about eh? Aint we here in England supposed to be warming up!!Seas rising and all that…Bolocks to that it’s perishing!

Mind you our thoughts are on the sunshine holidays..Just planning at the moment but its a good feeling looking at the temp guides on the interweb. I fancy a bit of a Greek isle this year..Ya never know Ken it may be your place this time.

Things are slowly changing for the good at the factory,though me n Douggie copped a loose bit of work the other day,a few more safety devices are needed.

The scooter has enjoyed getting out and about again but the starting problem is pissing me right off,Time for a service i reckon…No not church you fools!!!!

Anyroad i am off up the shops for a haircut and a bit of stuff for dinner….Thake care and stay safe out there,,Oh aint that DNA testing brill.

The White stuff.

January 7, 2010

The snow is causing havoc i reckon,we just dont cope well with it,I just get some crumpets,put the kettle on and look at it through the window.

A week off coming up and a nice few days with the lovely Mrs B..What more could i want???

The factory is plodding on at a steady pace and things are good,A few new systems to be up and running by the end of the month gives us a boost.

Anyroad i am off to rug up in front of the tele with Mrs B.keep warm you lot it’s cold out there.

Cold or what?

December 22, 2009

Kin aider its chance of the scooter getting on the road yet as our road is frozen over.Off work now till Boxing day (My Birthday) so well chuffed at spending crimbo with the family as i was working for the last 2..

I saw a bloke slip on the ice and fall on his face earlier today,its hard not to laugh but i did. I suppose i should feel bad about it but it was funny watching his shopping roll down the hill.

Anyroad i am off to sort dinner out,keep warm take care and mind ya don’t slip on the ice,theres allus some sad bastard laughing at ya.

With a bit of luck..

February 8, 2009

No more snow though the forecast says more to come, I hope not!

Another brill piece of art from Questionmarc up on the website, A classic photo of the warden next to the piece i reckon.

Excellent work and a well taken photo.

Back to the factory tomorrow for the last night shifts before the winter hols so a good frame of mind to kick off with eh? That holiday feeling helps ya get through the working week with a smile i reckon.Bring me sunshine!

Take care out there and if you are nipping up to the shops don’t forget to ask ya neighbours if they want owt.. Not everyone is happy to skate up the road you know!

The worst for 18 years

February 5, 2009

Fucking snow!!

More of the stuff last night and the threat of a bit today..Make it go away….!

The winter holiday is only 20 days away so it knocks the edge off the gloom of snow,slush & credit crunch, Mind you we do need a retailer to take up the spot left by the demise of Woolies.The shop looks like a little bit of a war zone up there at our local shopping strip.

Our latest new man at the factory has had equal sick days matching his working days.Only a matter of time before he is buggered off, Not that we on the crew will miss him as we get to carry his load every time he blows out. You would think in today’s economic fuck up that folks would want to work eh? Take it from me some fuckers just don’t want it.

Anyroad i’m off to lob snow balls at the neighbours.Have a good one and keep warm.

All is good.

November 24, 2008

Well that working week soon went by and with this being my last shift i am well chuffed it went without owt to talk about apart from a scattering of snow that barley covered the ground and a dead magpie on the roof nowt much to mark it as a bad un.

Me n the lovely Mrs B will both be off at the end of the week so a bit of crimbo shopping is in order..i like shopping for prezzies me. Oh and the final destination for our winter hols has been found and holiday booked..Lanzarote… Never been there before so well up for it! A place on the south end of the island for an all inclusive doss sounds good to me.

So all good news…Mind you i aint counting chickens,As Monday night shifts have allus been a bit of a bastard for us so fingers crossed we have a good un.

I hope most of you had a good weekend.Stay safe you lot.