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A scabby week.

May 5, 2009

Another tough week at the factory, Mind you we did get Douggie back for the last shift so that one went a bit better, Now for a few days off and a bit of quality time.

The crew are off out after our last shift next week, now the weather is picking up we can nip down the road for an alfresco beer. It’s what Summer is made for i reckon,A cheese n onion cob and a pint after work!

The new tattoo is still a bit scabby so no pic yet, But as soon as it looks it’s best i shall post one up, What with Jax asking to see it and me chomping at the bit for stage three to be done, I am literally itching to get on with it.

I was well chuffed to see that Saturday night Sunday morning has been digitally remastered now.One of my faves is that,Mind you a bit biased owing to it being set in Hood Town ( Mind you some of it was filmed in London. ) but a classic i reckon, Go on treat yourself and buy a copy.

Anyroad i’m off to Mozzers to sort out dinner,Have a good one and as Arther Seaton said ” Don’t let the bastards grind ya down.”

kicking back.

April 26, 2009

The days off are here again after what has been an unusually tough week of day shifts,No drinks after work this week due to the shifts ending on a Saturday and us all wanting to spend some quality time with our loved ones..Next time on days the whole crew will be up the pub for a debrief and a few pints after the last shift..Nice!

It is good to see the garden in full bloom again and the bugs, birds and the rest of the wildlife taking advantage of it,Even my Guz-Gogs are getting fatter..Soon be picking and eating them before the birds get um.

A few chores tomorow and my tattoo on Tuesday so i reckon plenty of chillin time in between should do me some good. Every day brings the holiday nearer eh?

Anyroad i’m off to look at some interweb..Have a good one and take care out there.

Tattoo two.

April 21, 2009

I have booked an hour up at the Tattooist’s for next Tuesday for phase two of my full back job, I wanted to get in this week but he is very busy!

Back to the factory in the morning after four lovely days off and as the weather is picking up a bit Mrs B is gunna book a few days off in the week as i am coming on to the weekend work..Perhaps a few days out in the country is in order…Ya never know.

Only about eight weeks to go till we fly out to Malta, Just enough time to get myself a couple of shirts and a bit of sun cream.

I like the Hawaiian shirts..kind of tells folks you are on your jollies i reckon.The gaudier the better..Good enough for Magnum ,good enough for me. Mind you i reckon i will give the baseball cap a miss.

Anyroad it’s time to get the dinner for the family.Hungry after their days graft. Have a good one and take care out there.

Summer Time.

March 29, 2009

For us here in the UK the clocks went forward,How casual of us to just throw away an hour eh? Anyroad it’s now officially Summer time here, And a nice day too,Mind you as i am back at the factory for the start of the night shifts i don’t get to enjoy much of it but on the good side of things i am coming up to a roll of weekends off so i reckon me and the lovely Mrs B will take advantage of those.

The Malteseholiday is keeping our spirits lifted i must say, Though 11 weeks is a long time eh? Roll on.

Some outdoor theatre coming up in the next few months up at the Castle & Newstead Abbey and i reckon we shall be having a portion of that!

Anyroad it’s cup of tea and a fag time so i’m off. Have a good one & enjoy the Summer.

Holidays booked..Cases at the ready.

March 25, 2009

Our holidays are now booked and paid for and only a couple of months to go till we fly out to Malta, We have booked a week all inclusive at the Qawra palace hotel..Roll on i say.

The scabby bits are now coming away from the tattoo though it aint at its best just yet.I  have been looking up some designs for the the next piece though i still haven’t decided which one to go for.. Don’t choice just wind you up????

Not a bad week at the factory though we lost our latest team member due to a major fuck up by him ..The replacement team member is traing up this week and will be with us on Sunday night for some on the job training..It’s been a funny few months for us what with the last three noobies not making the grade..Let’s hope this one cuts the mustard!

Some good news on the Robin Hood front as Vanessa Redgrave signs up for Tarantino”s new film..Looking forward to that one.

Anyroad i’m off to look up places for the winter hols. Have a good one and take care.

Golly what a holiday..

March 8, 2009

As you can see from the picture of a Spanish tea bag wrapper gollies are alive and well in Lanzarote.

Just a bit about our hols..The Germans have some brilliant tashes so i can’t fault um for that and i reckon the old towel on the sun lounger game is well dead and gone. If you ever make it toPuerto Blanca in Lanzarote nip into Don Cammilos grill for the best mixed grill,I do a lot of grills me but i have to say this place did the best by a mile and with a jug of sangria and a bit of garlic bread one of the best meals i have had for ages.

Apart from being a bit sparse what with mountains and miles of solidified lava the island is a nice place to walk in, though what the locals did before tourism i don’t know..Scratched around to grow a few grapes i suppose. as for the all islands in the canaries the Canarian Potatoes are spot on,Cooked in their skins and boiled in sea water, giving um a salty taste,Nice with some red MoJo sauce..Gets ya mojo working if ya know what i mean?

The beach side eateries and bars are a lot quieter than the ones in Tenerife,A lot less sky tv and more on the wine and dine idea, For me that’s the way it should be! I would go there again but not in the summer as i reckon we picked the right time to go..Not to many folks about and no touts pressing for your money.All in a great place for a week in the sun.

Anyroad time for me to catch up on a few blogs so i’m off. Have a good one and take care eh?


March 6, 2009

Back in Blighty after a belting week away,Well tanned and chilled out i can tell ya,No time to post photos yet as i aint downloaded um, so later for that.

Not a bad day here in Hood Town with the sun shining and the start of what looks to be a good spring,The garden looks good after being away for just a week we can see that things are happening under the soil and we have a good show of crocus again this year so a bit of colour about already. The remnants of a load of nut shells is a good sign that the squrrells are having enough to eat so all is well on the garden front.

Now to get all the holiday clothes washed and put away for the summer break..Not long now!

anyroad i got shit to do so i’m off,i hope you lot are all well and safe out there? Have a good one and take care.


February 27, 2009

Well here we are in the sun with wifi access,How good is that?

Just like a post card…




Time to go as pool vollyball is starting.

Fasten your seatbelts..

February 25, 2009

Just a few hours to go till we touch down in Lanzarote,I can almost feel the sun on my back as i type this.i wonder if the complex has wireless interweb access? that would be good for the old Ipod,Checking mail and the odd posting up to here eh?

A bit to do today what with meeting up with me old mucker Douggie and making sure the factor 15 is packed and ready to go so i’m off, Catch up with you lot later eh..Take care and spare a thought for me chillin in the sun eh?

I Ink therefore i am..

February 24, 2009

We now have a tattooist just up the road from me so i reckon it’s time for me to get some more skin art. And at 50 quid an hour i reckon it is good value, i have a few designs in mind so after my hols(Only 2 days away) i shall be booking myself an hours stint under the needle. I nipped in today to check it out and the bloke seems ok,More on this later i reckon.

Only 2 more sleeps till we fly off to the sun and with the cases packed all we have to do is grab um and go..Roll on.

Have a good one you lot and stay safe eh!