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Holidays and good times.

March 24, 2011

The first holiday of the year will soon be upon me,Well up for some sun and fun after a stint of falking hard work by both myself and the lovely Mrs B,We have been putting in some top efforts on the work front and are due some down time.

The weather is picking up here now (Today is spot on) and the sunshine brings a smile to faces that were grim just a month ago. The garden is shooting to life again and the wildlife is moving back in,The resident hedgehog came out for a wander a few nights back and is looking good after its winter sleep.Spring is a great time of year.

Good to see some top class reviews of my mate Dan’s play in the news he deserves the best after putting in a lot of work,Good luck with all you do mate. I am hoping that ” Our style is legendary” plays in its home town of Nottingham,I would love to see it played here and it would be good to catch up with Dan again.

Speaking of the arts i am well chuffed to see we are again going to be having some outdoor theatre up at Notts Castle, i shall be having a portion of that later in the year.

Anyroad its time i got stuck into prepping for dinner,Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Don’t touch the marrows…

July 2, 2009

My mate Dan has a short film on the Virgin Short film site.. A good un it is unall.. if you get the chance to see him perform live grab it, He made us roll with laughter with his performance in The Big Adventure. Nice one Dan, I hope we catch up with you later.

Oh if you have half an hour spare why not enjoy Thick As Thieves, a cracker.

 Break a leg, Dig a ditch and keep smiling.


Summer Time.

March 29, 2009

For us here in the UK the clocks went forward,How casual of us to just throw away an hour eh? Anyroad it’s now officially Summer time here, And a nice day too,Mind you as i am back at the factory for the start of the night shifts i don’t get to enjoy much of it but on the good side of things i am coming up to a roll of weekends off so i reckon me and the lovely Mrs B will take advantage of those.

The Malteseholiday is keeping our spirits lifted i must say, Though 11 weeks is a long time eh? Roll on.

Some outdoor theatre coming up in the next few months up at the Castle & Newstead Abbey and i reckon we shall be having a portion of that!

Anyroad it’s cup of tea and a fag time so i’m off. Have a good one & enjoy the Summer.

Nice one.

February 15, 2009

 A good evenings entertainment at the Playhouse last night,Though the numpty sat next to me spent most of the time explaining to his partner what was going on, I am not sure who was the thickest between um! The play was well produced and the cast carried it off in style. Not much on there now that is up our street so we have to wait until the outdoor stuff at the castle in June. Mind you with the hols only days away i ain’t to fussed about getting withdrawn from a bit of culture with the promise of sunshine just around the corner.

We made the mistake of forgetting it was valentine’s day and lost out on booking a table for a meal so ended up have some pub grub in the local..Not all that bad but i would have preferred something a bit more up market if you know what i mean? I somehow knew valentine would be poking it’s nose into my life..Perhaps i should not have slagged him eh?

A treat for dinner tonight as the lovely Mrs B is cooking her lemon chicken soup (Though i call it a stew) with dumplings, One of my favorite meals and an extra portion is being made for the freezer to keep young master B in good food whilst we are away. Nice!

Anyroad enough crap for now as i want to look on the interweb at things to see and do in Lanzarote. Have a good on you lot.

Knee’s up Mother Brown..

February 11, 2009

I twisted my knee last night at the factory, just a wrong step and pop it went, now it’s as sore as a choir boys ring..Mind you it ain’t so bad as to keep my off work so i am in tonight for shift 3 of the last night shifts till the holidays.. It’s wrong to wish time away but i just can’t help it!

Bloody cold last night with a bit of sleet and a frost to come home to, I like the winter but give me the sun anytime eh?

We are off to the Playhouse at the weekend and i see in the press that we are up for some more outdoor theatre in the summer months so i reckon we shall be having a portion of that, Bad news on the theatre front is that as we shall be getting some sun on our backs in a few days we shall miss a performance of Poles Apart locally, Bit of a downer that as we had a belter of a night the last time we saw Dan & Mark perform, If you can get to one of the venues to catch um on tour get in there for a laugh. Too many folk ain’t getting enough theatre i reckon. Dig a ditch lads and good luck with the tour.

Anyroad it’s time i massaged my knee and got ready for my shift and with the weekend off with the Lovely Mrs B i reckon it will fly by.

Ain’t love grand!

Take care and have a good one.

Act one then offski.

January 18, 2009

Last nights trip to the Arts was rubbish,Apart from a bugger up with our tickets the play was so poor we buggered off after act one,The acting was so poor that even a good subject like Arsenic and ols lace could not carry it, Mind you we did have a good meal and a few beers so a good night came of it. A bit better than this blokes night on the town i reckon? Another poor fuckers night ends in misery!

Back to the factory in the morning for one shift before the four days off,Now that’s what i call a working week eh?

Anyroad i’m off for my dinner (roast beef),Have a good one and stay safe out there.

A rest.

January 13, 2009

Three extra days off on this stint of rest days and i reckon we are off to the theatreon Saturday for a bit of comedy am dram,Arsenic & old Lace and perhaps a meal after.. it has been a while since we did a theatre night cuz there aint been much up our street of late so we are looking forward to it.

I reckon it will be soon time to dust off the suitcase and pack ready for our Winter break in the sun, Well up for a weeks doss beside a pool i can tell ya!

We are a man down on our crew at the factory so we are hoping to get the spot filled as soon as we can,Our latest member just could not hack it and left after a few days..The youth of today just don’t want good honest graft.

We had yet another letter telling us that Nottingham County Council about our drains being blocked again..another scam to skank us for money as both us and our neighbours have paid private company’s to clean our drains we don’t see why we should pay again for a blockage further up the line..Fucking rip off i reckon!!!! This shit has been going on for months now,Do they really think i need a letter telling me not to put engine oil of nappies down the bog? No car, no babies here for fucks sake!

Anyroad i am off to the shops for a few lamb cutletts for dinner,And a pleasure it is shopping nowadays!

Have a good one and stay safe eh?

What a surprise…

August 15, 2007


Well i was gobsmacked to find when i met the lovely Mrs on Monday morning..A change of plan as she was taking me up the big smoke to the West end for a show and a couple of nights stay.I was stunned i must say as she had booked the show (The lord of the rings ) the hotel and the trip to the London dungeon without me knowing..Romance is alive & kicking folks..

Anyroad we had a brill time  and the show at the Theatre Royal was top class, the whole production was fantastic,The sets were mind blowing the music great and the company of the lovely Mrs B made it one of the best nights i have had for a long time.

And with a couple of days to do all the tourist stuff we had a belter of a time We even made the honest mistake of nipping into a bar that had strippers (A large portion of a girl who took a shine to my tash by showing me her shaven lady parts)..Honest guv i never knew! All in some great laughs and a time that will be hard to beat…

A couple of museums taken in including the Natural history & the Science  Of course the foot pic outside the Natural history building for fans…The full English comes with chips in london,something i ain’t used to as is the 4 quid pint..Skanking bastards!

Good times & with the weekend booked off things are looking brill.

I hope you lot are having a good week.Take care out there. Perhaps more tales of our trip later.

And not a drop to drink.

July 23, 2007

No prizes for working out that it’s raining again,after yesterdays sunshine comes yet another downpour,i would have thought that nature would have ran out of rain by now but it looks like more to come,bad news for our low lying villages here in the Hood,Mind you with the i’m alright jack attitude i can say we here at Barnze Towers are ok up on the hill.

I see the Arts Theatre have an online site for donations to keep it running and all the best of luck to them ,it would be a shame to lose an outlet for the performing arts but it seems to be a trend that the smaller theatres go belly up nowadays.Dig deep you Notts folks and lets keep the curtains open eh?

Off up to Speedys today for a hair cut and a catch up on the latest winners he has backed ,With the offer of “Something for the weekend” it makes getting a hair cut an entertaining experience i can tell ya!

A nice bit of steak and potato gratin for dinner tonight (Chips for master B) and a bottle of wine to help it go down,Soup tomorrow as i am visiting the dentist again…Arse!

Anyroad it’s time i got up to Speedys,Have a good one dear reader and take care out there.

Is it raining??

July 17, 2007

A drop of rain again today,another drop tomorrow and it looks like a bit of a sprinkle for the rest of the week. We have lost a couple of plants in the garden due to all the rain and last night one of our tomato plants got battered to fuck by the downpour so Mrs B ain’t happy and i ain’t looking forward to all that green tomato chutney

I suppose we were lucky to cop so much sun last week whilst on our hols eh as the forecast ain’t getting any better,All the more reason to get on the interweb n find a nice hot place to chill out in come September i reckon.Fuck me at this rate i reckon all of us here in Hood Town will be suffering from S.A.D. though i’m ok as i can allus shine a torch in my face..That don’t stop webbed feet forming though!

A drug dealer get’s 30 years in prison for killing another drug dealer here in HoodTown, Some say justice,I say it’s shit it happened in a busy street in the middle of the day,The piece on the Nottingham Evening Post website has brought a few comments including one stating the victim was “A young happy go lucky boy”…Mmmmm a happy hammer weilding drug dealer who got shot by another happy go lucky gun toting drug dealer..As they (Who ever they are) say shit happens !

In better news it looks like the Arts Theatre might live on for another season as folks chip in a few quid to keep the curtains open,I hope they find funding from somewhere! They can have all the cash out of my penny jar!

Anyroad i’m off to watch the rain pelt down,Have a good one dear reader and take care.