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My mate Dan..

July 15, 2007

My mate Dan is off on yet another Big Adventure,If you get chance grab a ticket and get some laughs down ya,Me n Mrs B caught the show last year,or was it the year before? Anyroad Dan and Mark had us rolling in the aisles i can tell ya.

Them pair are fucking barmy i reckon,you gotta be to keep you humor up whilst walking miles n miles eh?

Anyroad best of luck with it you two,and remember to dig a ditch eh!

Barnze says “Check um out,you would be wappy not to”!

A sad loss.

July 4, 2007

I hear that the Arts theater is to close down & that is shit news as i have spent many an evening in there watching some top class acts,mind you we ain’t short on theaters here in Hood Town but to lose one is crap!

Good news today..It aint raining..Honest..and it’s Mrs Bs last day at work so the fun begins…A bit of packing to do in the morning and we are ready for our hols on the Broads kicking off in Brundle on Friday then cruising along from pup to pub at a steady 4 miles an hour…Nice!

You can’t beat an on board BBQ !

Anyroad stuff to do so i’m off,Have a good one dear reader and watch ya backs out there.

Don’t stop me now……

April 11, 2007

A great nights entertainment was had last night,First stop was Antalya for a bit of snap and a bottle of wine,a window seat is always good for a bit of people watching & there were some odd ball’s out last night i can tell ya, i swear we saw a young Dick Van Dike walk by us a couple of times,Anyroad we enjoyed our meals there before nipping over the road to the Royal Center for the Dean Martin show.

I was surprised to see that there were quite a few empty seats behind us but the show was great,though i thought that the chap who played the part of Nat King Cole just did not do it for me but on the whole i reckon it was a good one and most of us were singing along and having a good time. There was one chap in a wheelchair who had obviously had a drop to much booze and started to get a bit out of hand,shouting and all that but by the second half he had calmed down (Someone must have told him to adjust his behavior during the break 🙂 ) mind you he was probably stunned into silence at the bar prices, nearly 6 quid for two bottles of beer the skanking bastards!

After the show we went down to the Bell for a pint and a bit of live jazz. It was good to see some familiar faces in there and the place as always had a good buzz about it. Out from there into a cab home for a nightcap so all in a good night out. The bad news is i forgot my camera and missed out on a shot of bagpuss cast aside in a puddle of puke n piss,that made us both laugh & reminded me again the importance of always carrying the camera about,ahh well another photo opportunity missed eh?

Anyroad i’m back in the kitchen today and as young master B is back from his mates place (After being there for a week,”Don’t leave it to long to go again mate”) i have to sort out the meal for tonight,So i’m off up to the shops for some inspiration…Chips it is then.

Have a good one dear reader and remember “Everybody loves somebody sometime“.