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Dorian Grey revisited

November 6, 2006


A knock on the door early this morning heralded the delivery of my portrait after its national tour,Cheers once again to artist Rob James for giving me the portrait,Kind of spooky having a painting of yourself i reckon but i shall be hanging myself in the Great Hall as soon as we have done the last bits of work in there

I am now just about topside of this software and find it ok to work with,though i have no idea how to set up my archives in the side bar yet (Any tips would be welcome) but other than that it’s going ok. Oh and what a brill idea of auto save part way through a posting…The times Blogger fucked up and killed a post was too many to count.

A nice crisp Autumn morning today with the sun shining and birds singing,it makes ya feel good to be alive! Loads of stuff planned for the next few days, some business some pleasure and all with the lovely Mrs B,It’s one of those lucky months i reckon,I can feel it in my water.

Anyroad were off to get things done,have a good one most of you & stay safe out there. Lions & Tigers & Bears,Oh My.

Pussy keepyup.

November 5, 2006


Cheers to Spacehog for this gem. I do enjoy seeing those pussys getting up to stuff.

And i said to him…

November 4, 2006

Off shopping for paint today,I hear the shop is near a pub..I love it when a plan comes together.Dont ya just love mornings like these,Sun shine on the trees the birds singing and the world at your feet.Ain’t love grand.

Random snaps

November 2, 2006

A few snaps from Barnzes camera..

Just a swan thats all.

Such views from the canal can take ya breath away.

Some folks….

November 2, 2006

I hit the beer a bit too much last night and this morning it’s hitting back..Still i should be match fit for tonights bowling, Me and Kev the builder are going round on snagging jobs today so my gaffers hat is on again,should be done for dinner time i hope. I’m glad i aint gotta use any tools today,i reckon i would have some fuckers eye out in my state.

There is some confusion on the team line up for tonights match,The Ball’s Up team have lost a man,MC is a no show so a sub for them then.We have renamed the trophy to the Ken the Bubble cup, a fitting tribute to a mate amoungst the olive groves i reckon,I wonder if he will send over some sponsership cash?

Anyroad Kevs here so we are off out doing the “Do be do be doo” bit..

Take care & stay safe.

Final thoughts…Shame on you.


November 1, 2006

Thank fuck that’s over………….

That was the worst shift in the worst month of my entire working life slotted into the worst twelve months i have ever had the misfortune to live through… Do you know sometimes you just can’t work out why but the shit just gets deeper and deeper? Now is one of those times.

Fuck it i’m off to bed.


October 31, 2006

A good night instore for my American readers as halloween comes round again,And a bad time here in Hood Town as thousands of old folk cower in their homes afraid as gangs of masked scrotes use the time to terrify them! It’s begging you cunts!

Mind you some youngsters not tainted by the Anti -Social cancer we suffer from over here still enjoy the evening,I’m sure Mrs B will have a few goodies to give them.

Anyroad i’m off to get ready for my last stint of the week and i hope to bump into the lovely Mrs B as we pass in the streets.

Stay safe folks theres witches & ghosts & gangs of robbers about tonight.

Brief encounters.

October 31, 2006

I managed to see the lovely Mrs B for 30 seconds last night on the way into the factory,A quick kiss and away for my bus, Sometimes the nights shift can get in the way of things but it has it’s pluses!

It’s time for another bowling night this week,i’n not sure how well Ken the Bubble’s replacement can bowl but we are confident of lifting the trophy this time. It all depends on the before pre match drinks that me n Big Paul are prone to have. So it’s the “Go Lightlys” chance to take back the cup on Thursday, It’s gunna be a bit odd what with the new line up..

Go Lightlys


Annie Go Lightly

Big Paul

Teflon Barnze

 Mal The Plod

(Sub) Wee Jimmy


The Balls Up’s


M C.Cotton

Dark n Devious

Bionic Mart

Phil the Lathe

(Sub) Wee Jimmy

Stand by to get your arses kicked lads…….

Nowt can be said about morale at the factory this week as we hold a memorial service for it on Thursday,a few of us will be doing the readings as we send it to it’s rest.

United we stand

On a more lifting subject i hear that the cunt who lets the safety systems down (And gave me the finger for finding her at it) is fucking off back to South Africa….Good riddance to a useless piece of shit there.

Anyroad i’m off to find my scarf for tonights trip into work,It’s cold & wet out there tonight.Have a good one dear reader and stay safe.

Thought of the week.

October 31, 2006



October 30, 2006

Yesterday after a 13 hour night shift i was woken by screaming kids at about 10:00 then again at 12:00 so i got out of bed feeling shite,Just managed my shift last night without dropping into a coma,Staggered home this morning,fell into bed and slept till 14:00 waking in the same position i went to sleep in.Now i have a headache like i have had a dozen pints of ale….I hate kids!

On the way into the factory i saw one of our local scrotes “Jake” throwing fireworks at passing folks,I realy did will him to lose an eye or something ,I wonder if i need a psychiatrist or a snipers rifle?

Anyroad half way through the working week and a medieval feast to look forward to,oh and a bit of painting in the great hall here at Barnze Towers all with the added bonus of having the Lovely Mrs B off work for the week.I love it when a plan come together!

 Right i’m off to pack my snap box,I hope you all made it through the weekend safe and sound.Have a good one.


Have a safe one tomorrow children!