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A nice day out..And then!

May 11, 2008

We had a good day yesterday,A pint and a cob before going up the castle then down to the market square..all in a good one.Home to listen once again to the local street theater shouting and swaring banging about and generally being annoying. It was nice to live around here at one time but the peace is gone now..Even at midnight folks are shouting out daft names to get their stinking cats attention…Another episode to log in the diary!

A nice sunny day today so alfresco dining is on the cards , a nice bit of salad and a glass of beer is well in order and with the noisey neighbours out we might get some relaxing done without distraction.

It was good to inform the staff at the Co-Op that the plans are back on the table for the new shops.I love to poke it up them.

Anyroad i’m off for a quiet doss.Have a good one you lot and take care out there.


Sienta el calor

April 1, 2008

Well after a bit of interweb searching we have settled on Tenerife for our late summer holiday spot,Nice n warm..We have been there before a few years ago so we are hoping that a few eateries we visited then are still trading. Oh and the medieval feast trip was good so we may go back for another bash at that.. So that’s the sun tan sorted!

I managed to catch a cat crapping on the patio today & bowled a bottle opener at it’s arse (The nearest thing to hand) and laughed like hell when it jumped about 3 foot in the air..Dirty ginger bastard!

Anyroad it’s time for a bacon sarnie and a mug of tea so i’m off..have a good one most of you. Keith can kiss my arse!

Midweek madness.

March 28, 2008

The street theatre kicked off last night, poor Mrs B did not get to sleep till well after 2am & i suppose it would have been worse for neighbours living closer to the epicentre of the music and door banging, The disturbance diary goes off to the council later today so that will make a good read for um on Monday.

I suppose with Summer just around the corner things are gunna get worse before it get’s better! Some folks just get fuelled up with too much ale and we all have to share in their domestic shit! Let’s hope they sober up and get a bit of spec init!

Plans still ongoing on the late Summer holiday venue so i am still in the dark on where we will be going..Crete was mentioned last night & i must say i do like the Greek people so any Greek isle will do me, The snap is good the wine is good but Greek music leaves me cold, a bit like bagpipe music does.. I hate bagpipes! Oh no!!!! What if the street theatre troupe start playing bagpipes??? That would force my hand hand i can tell ya!

Anyroad time for a shave n a shower in prep for tonight’s shift ..Have a good one you lot and let’s hope your neighbours let you sleep well eh?

Not much comfort for Mrs B but today i slept well!

Can you smell smoke?

March 14, 2008

One of our nutty neighbours has got a fire burning in their back garden..Nice one you twats..fires after 7 and now we have smoke as well as sewerage all over..


December 17, 2007

I just scraped up a weapons grade cat turd from the patio…I reckon i will upgrade my cat defence systems next year so i can leave a few bodies hanging around to deter the rest of the flea ridden bird killing bastards…

Quite a bit to do on this block of days off..Shopping,haircut,visit to occupational health,razor wire to install but plenty of quality time with the lovely Mrs B so it’s not all rush about…

Tell ya what all of us on my team at the factory were well chuffed to see the end of the working week as the kitchen area looked like a chemist’s shop with all the medication laid lemon cures,asprin and suchlike..All of us has some sort of bug loitering in our systems! But we carried on carrying on! What a crew eh?

Anyroad i got a few things to do so i’m off, have a good one and take care out there.

Barnze say’s “Only seven more sleeps to go.”

Protected: Soon be at an end.

August 6, 2007

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Protected: All in good time

August 1, 2007

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Coo eeeeee….

July 31, 2007

you unwelcome twats..

Yet another…

July 23, 2007

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July 17, 2007

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