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Happy new year you lot.

January 1, 2010

A brill nite had by me n the lovely Mrs B and a good birthday bash for her to boot,we had some good food,a bit of dancing and a bit too much wine,Well boloxed this morning but a full English soon put me right,The lovely Mrs B has crashed out on the settee so i reckon its early to bed for us tonight.

I hope you lot had a good time seeing the new year in and hopefully you feel a bit less rough than i do at the moment,mind you its few and far between that i get mullered so i aint all that bad.

A good 2010 for us i reckon and i wish all the best to most of you lot out there,Have a good 2010 and take care eh?

One more sleep…

September 8, 2009

Off in the morning to the sun,fun and frolicks in Majorca, seems to have been a long wait but it’s here.. All is ready to grab n go.Don’t miss me too much as i am taking my ipod and there may be some wireless interweb access to be had.

Nowt else to say except Hasta la vista……….Have a good one.

Walk on by.

July 13, 2008

Well let me tell ya about our holiday eh? Well i’m posting it anyroad.. We did a shit load of walking and a shit load of different ciders i can tell ya, if you get down to somerset anytime try a drop of chedder’s top class stuff,mind you i never had a bad pint down there. we were lucky enough to start one walk on the right side of this hill and a bit of a bugger going down so i hate to think how it feels going up??

Not many steep drops like that but we got lucky i reckon.Exmoor has some lovely views but ya gotta hike for um..well worth the effort i reckon.

All of the little villages we ended up in were very friendly and the ale was spot on..Tell ya what though..After walking for 15 on miles in the hills and a few pints of cider i slept like a log.


We even made it down to Minehead..Not going there again as its a crap place to visit !! Mind you i got to play on the beach for a bit so not all that crap i suppose.

Anyroad time for my snap now so i am off.

Have a good un and take care.

Cabbages and kings.

May 10, 2008

Yesterday we recieved our copy of the Clifton Local News , Some interesting stuff in there this month.Take a look at the classy Chantelle’s coments on the Tram Debate.. Nice one Chantelle you are one of Cliftons diamonds.

I see that the supermarket take over of Sun Valley is back on the planning board again..Bring it on i say we need shops not bingo halls for unemployed dossers to hang out in.

Me n the lovely Mrs B are off up to the castle today for a relaxing day.I hear there is a market on in town so we may grab a bite to eat up there whilst we are about. And a pint in the trip will be nice unall.

Anyroad time for a showers then off into town..Have a good weekend most of you!

Oh and finaly someone offered me eight legs of venison for 70 that too deer?

It starts here..

May 2, 2008

The weekend is nearly here and me n the lovely Mrs B are off out somewhere.. A day at skeg was planned but i am not sure if we are going yet.. As always anywhere with Mrs B is a good place to be.

A quiet night in with some outside catering and a few glasses of wine tonight, we are having a ruby so the choice of caterers is good.

A nice day today with plenty of sunshine, nearly warm enough to sit out on the patio with a beer i reckon. The sonic gun is working a treat in the garden but i still found the ginger flea bag on the path at the side of the house…Dirty bastard.

Anyroad time i was off..Have a good one most of you..Keith & his cohorts can kiss my arse!

The bone of contention.

April 26, 2008


Look i won on points difference ok!

A nice day out with some good times at the bowling alley and a nice meal in town before a bit of DVD shopping..All in a belter of a day had by all.

I love the weekends off…

Have a good one.


Feeling depressed?

January 21, 2008

Well there i was doing my shopping and having shook my head at the state of the Co-Op’s Chantenay carrots (Soft & wrinkled) and moving on to the organic one’s muttering about how shit the store was a woman behind me said that today was” Blue Monday” so no wonder i was pissed off. Now i reckon today is ok so that just blows that bollocks out of the water so i told the woman that every day in the Co-Op is fucking depressing, Even more so if slow Sandra is manning a till!

All i got was a “tut tut” & off she went, Then to round off my trip i found an queue less till with the king of depressed shop workers manning it and after telling him that a new shop will make him unemployed i made my way home with the feeling of leaving a bit of joy in my wake.

Anyroad a nice bit of fish with Pommes Dauphine & Asparagus for dinner so i hope that’s goes well with Mrs B…Oh and another trip to the shops for some beer (I forgot it on the first trip) so it’s time to get out there again.

Have a good most depressing day of the year you lot!

That’s that then.

December 27, 2007

Well crimbo has been and gone, The bins are full off torn wrapping paper and crushed beer cans, Folks shouting at the top of their voices “Merry Christmas” and the odd firework going off and then nothing..The end of crimbo…Boxing day saw me get up quite early as us old folk tend to do..Off into Hood Town for a look around the shops and a pint in the Bell then a quiet night in with the lovely Mrs B..

I always reckon that crimbo becomes a thing of the past quicker than any other celebration & in my mind a good thing too.. Sadly Mrs B is back at the office today though i am not due back at the factory till Saturday morning.

Anyroad i hope you all had a good festive day..I’m off to polish my new car then i am gunna spend a few hours in front of my new 20 foot plasma tele whilst telling the time from my new rolex watch..

What’s so lucky?

December 19, 2007

There i was on my way out of the occupational health building at the factory when i get a splat on my cheek, On wiping it i found a bird had took a shit on me!!! Supposed to be lucky but not for me as i had no tissue to clean myself up with so the sleeve of my jacket had to be deployed..

I like birds but that is bang out of order mind you sooner bird shit than cat crap any day!

Oh and a break from tradition at Barnze Towers this year as we are having a seafood platter for crimbo dinner..I was never too fussed on turkey anyroad. And what with just coming off the night shifts a lighter meal will be better, The festive beer, wines and spirits are now in the cellar so i reckon we are ready to do the biz!

As it is only me n the lovely Mrs B at home on the big day i reckon it will be a quiet one for a change..Bring on the great escape!

Right i’m off to prep tonight’s meal..Have a good one you lot!

On the menu tonight.

November 15, 2007

Hedgehog potatoes and pork steaks with coleslaw and a few beers. Though i must say i am well looking forward to Mrs B’s Lemon & Thyme chicken stew tomorrow.

Right that’s all for today..Enjoy the coming weekend you lot!