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The cordroy ball bag.

October 25, 2007

Cold today i can tell ya..Heating on full bore so it’s snug indoors here at Barnze Towers,mind you i had to nip up the shops for some spuds earlier and it was perishing out there.

Still suffering from the lurgey and now my throat is sore,I had a call from the

 BMJ and they

reckon it’s the worst case ever recorded..



Nextdoors cat copped a boot up it’s arse today but it ain’t learning any lesson,it keeps on


 coming back for more????


Oh and what about this bloke who has a tab growing on his arm eh? is it the final front ear?

Is that weird or what?


Anyroad i gotta do stuff so i’m off,have a good one and stay safe

Brown as berries..

October 2, 2007

Both me n the lovely Mrs B have nice tanned skin now and are feeling fully recharged after a great week.Loads of cold beer and good food always works for me!

Bad news is that Mrs B has a sprained ankle and is in a lot of pain..Not sure how she damaged it but it has swollen up and is giving her some grief..Mind you it never stopped us having a good time as we picked up a bandage,some pain relief and a walking stick to ease the way so all was well. The doctor here in Hood Town has told her to rest up but she went back to the office today..I reckon she should have taken a few days to rest but what do i know?

Anyroad as promised here is another photo (Taken by Mrs B) from our hols..A nice little windy street up in the castle grounds in Tossa. We spent a lovely morning just wondering about up there before going down to the town for a cold one and a bit of a doss on the beach…Nice!

Right i’m off now for a bit of a nod as i am knackered, A seiesta of sorts eh?

Take care out there.

The Four Bagger..I had one once..

August 23, 2007

Off out bowling with the lovely Mrs B on friday.I ain’t gunna bother telling you how i am gunna win cuz more than likely Mrs B will kick my arse..Hey it’s the taking part that counts,Mind you if i win i shall be trumpeting!

A nice bit of pollock for us dinner today and a nice quiet night on the settee with a few glasses of wine and a bit of hand holding,Ya just can’t beat it!

Speaking of bowling i had a mail from Mal the plod telling me that he might be able to get to the next Go-lightly session,it will be good to get the old crew back together! Hope you can make it mate.

Anyroad i’m off to peel some spuds,have a good one and stay safe out there.

Another perfect day.

August 19, 2007

Another good day yesterday..Up to Hood Town for a bit of lunch n a bottle of wine with the lovely Mrs B,a browse through the shops with some hand holding thrown in..Nice.. We were going to take a trip up to Skeggy but as the weather was shite and the place burnt down we gave it a miss. But we had a good day even though we never got to ride a donkey!

A great end to one of the best weeks for a long time ..And with September just a few weeks away the good times are sticking around!

I see on the news that the Dalai Lama is to visit us next year..Good to have a man of peace in town for a change,Though charging up to a hundred quid to listen to him is a bit shit..Why not broadcast his words via radio and let everyone listen for free? All well n good having him here but fair do’s eh?

I have a few words of peace..Drop the knife,Put the gun away,Don’t break into the house…Not quite world changing but it’s a start!

Anyroad i’m off to try n knock Mrs B from the top score spot on Bejewled..Have a good one and take care out there.

What no belly dancers…

August 4, 2007

A top night had..I met up with the lovely Mrs B and her colleague’s outside the Hogs Head for a pint and a fag then we went off in search of food..No prizes  for guessing we popped in the see Mehmet in Antalya always a good night in there then off to the Bell for a swifty before getting back to Barnze Towers..Odd thing at the Bell as we spotted a girl wearing her belt right under her breasts….What’s all that about????

I have never seen owt like it before..Is it a new fashion or what?

Back to the factory tonight for the first of 6 shifts so not doing much today,a bit of admin and shopping and thats me done..

I hope you lot have a good weekend…Best foot forward as they say.

Now then…

August 2, 2007

I found out where we are going in September…Lloret de Mar loads of sun so we are well chuffed about that ! It’s good to get a bit on sun on ya back when we have had loads of crap weather,Mind you we had a few good days of sun up on the broads a few weeks back so i reckon we can’t grumble eh?

I cooked us up a nice bit of smoked haddock with taters n peas last night and that went down well,tonight i ain’t got a clue what to serve so it’s off up the shops for some ideas later,Perhaps a Paella to get us into holiday mode eh? I don’t do much rice though& all of us hate mussels so i think i will stick to the English snap!

Hey i have read that there is one of those Medievil Castle places in Lloret so i reckon we shall be having a portion of that..we have been to one before and it’s a top night out i can tell ya. You come away with a sore throat after all that shouting at your knight to kick some arse.Might even be a midget there??????

Anyroad i’m off up the shops..Have a good one you lot n you stalkers can kiss my arse !
Take care!

And not a drop to drink.

July 23, 2007

No prizes for working out that it’s raining again,after yesterdays sunshine comes yet another downpour,i would have thought that nature would have ran out of rain by now but it looks like more to come,bad news for our low lying villages here in the Hood,Mind you with the i’m alright jack attitude i can say we here at Barnze Towers are ok up on the hill.

I see the Arts Theatre have an online site for donations to keep it running and all the best of luck to them ,it would be a shame to lose an outlet for the performing arts but it seems to be a trend that the smaller theatres go belly up nowadays.Dig deep you Notts folks and lets keep the curtains open eh?

Off up to Speedys today for a hair cut and a catch up on the latest winners he has backed ,With the offer of “Something for the weekend” it makes getting a hair cut an entertaining experience i can tell ya!

A nice bit of steak and potato gratin for dinner tonight (Chips for master B) and a bottle of wine to help it go down,Soup tomorrow as i am visiting the dentist again…Arse!

Anyroad it’s time i got up to Speedys,Have a good one dear reader and take care out there.

Stepping out.

July 22, 2007

Me n the lovely Mrs B could not be arsed to cook last night so we nipped up to Antaylya to see if my old mate Mehmet could fit us in & like he always does he found us a spot and yet again served us up a fantastic meal,What with a couple of bottles of wine and the candle burning we had a lovely night on the town.

A nightcap in Langtrys saw us off to the taxi rank glowing with love and safely home to Barnze Towers by 22:30 for a flop on the settee for a bit of hand holding till bed time..A nice night!

A nice sleep in this morning & a nice lump of roast pork for dinner today so all is good in the hood,A nice day it is unall today the sun is shining and it’s warm for a change,mind you the weather report says rain on it’s way so that aint gunna last long!

Anyroad i’m off to mix up the contents of our compost bin,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe eh!

Land legs…

July 14, 2007

A belter of a week we had i can tell ya,We were put off a bit by the weather forecast but we had 3 days of full sun (burnt the back of my neck) and a bit of rain during the week so we were well chuffed. We ate well every day by dining at a new place each meal and sampled the beers in every pub we passed,One bad thing was the mozzies this year as we both got bitten to fuck by um!

As you can see we got a nice vessel and grabbed all the front of pub moorings when we could,well ya gotta make an entrance eh? One good thing about the broads is the pace of life slows ya down to total relax mode.

A top class relaxing week,now to plan for September! A week in the sun by a pool with a glass of wine and a good book!

I will fill you in on some of the high points later but now we are off into Hood Town for a meal and a few bevvies..

Have a good one dear reader and take care.

Man the pumps.

June 22, 2007

Yet again more rain we will be webbed footed if it carries on,Mind you i reckon it will all be gone by the time we get aboard our boat so bring it on…

Off out into Hood Town tonight for a few beers and a bite to eat, i ain’t got a booking but as we eat early there should be no problem and of course the rain keeps folks away.That picture above is the embankment wall at Trent bridge and it’s used as a marker for floods,We have had some good ones over the years and i reckon we will be having another if it keeps on raining…

Anyroad i’m off to build an ark,Have a good one dear reader the rest of you can kiss my arse.