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Walking Whitby.

June 21, 2011

Only a few weeks to go till me n the Lovely Mrs B will be in Whitby again,How nice to walk in such a nice place,Good beer n food unall. Then a bit of a wait till we go to Cairo then its planning time for next years hols.Las Vegas is on the cards..

Had a good day out with all the family for fathers day. Spared a few moments for my Dad and Dad in law,And all was good.

Take care out there.

One more sleep…

September 8, 2009

Off in the morning to the sun,fun and frolicks in Majorca, seems to have been a long wait but it’s here.. All is ready to grab n go.Don’t miss me too much as i am taking my ipod and there may be some wireless interweb access to be had.

Nowt else to say except Hasta la vista……….Have a good one.

All four corners..

June 19, 2008

Good news this week as the demolition crew are ready to get into the Bingo Hall and re-fit as a food shop.. a dream come true for me and a few thousand other residents i can tell ya. We have been tied down to the Co-Op for far to long now and at last a place to get some quality food. i reckon a corner shop would have taken my patronage but a supermarket is a bonus.. I never had time for bingo what with work n that so no skin off my nose if Clifton loses a few slot machines..Mind you i do like a gamble on the lottery…Keep the dream alive!

Eyes down and look in!

I reckon i would like to be there for the last game…Better still to win would be a classic..



The bone of contention.

April 26, 2008


Look i won on points difference ok!

A nice day out with some good times at the bowling alley and a nice meal in town before a bit of DVD shopping..All in a belter of a day had by all.

I love the weekends off…

Have a good one.


Turkey on it’s way.

April 26, 2008

We are off bowling now and i feel confident that i am gunna win today, After we are out for a meal so a good day ahead. Mind you the day started well with sunshine and no cats so i presume the sonic gun is working,We did get the mangy black one look in this morning but it kept out!

It’s good to have Heros back on the teley and that Tin Man looks good unall though it don’t start till May.

Anyroad time i was off now that i have limbered up my bowling arm…Mrs B is in for a right pasting i can tell ya.

Have a good weekend you lot and Stay Safe.

I would do that….

March 27, 2008

Do you want fries with that?

Here come the sun..

August 1, 2007

Always been a favorite month of mine has August..Kind of dependable and warm i reckon and all the more so as the lovely Mrs B has booked us a holiday on the Costa Brava  but exactly where i ain’t sure but where ever i hope the sun shines and the beers cold! An all inclusive week of sun & fun and only a few weeks away..Bring it on!

A lovely night we had last night,a nice meal and a few drinks plus that feeling of the holiday being booked saw us have a good quiet night in..Young master B has moved to a major construction site here in Hood Town so it seems we are all on happy factor 9.

Anyroad a bit of admin work to catch up on so i’m off.You lot have a good one and stay safe.

A sad loss.

July 4, 2007

I hear that the Arts theater is to close down & that is shit news as i have spent many an evening in there watching some top class acts,mind you we ain’t short on theaters here in Hood Town but to lose one is crap!

Good news today..It aint raining..Honest..and it’s Mrs Bs last day at work so the fun begins…A bit of packing to do in the morning and we are ready for our hols on the Broads kicking off in Brundle on Friday then cruising along from pup to pub at a steady 4 miles an hour…Nice!

You can’t beat an on board BBQ !

Anyroad stuff to do so i’m off,Have a good one dear reader and watch ya backs out there.

The ultimate gangster.

June 6, 2007

I was well chuffed to read that another film about Robin Hood is to be made albeit with a new spin on the story,Owt to do with Bob Hood is ok by me,And i have enjoyed all the past films about him though Errol Flynn is my favorite big screen hood i reckon Costner came a close second.

Talking of Bob Hood has got me thinking that it must soon be time for another season of Robin Hood from the BBC soon,Come on beeb bring it on,In fact a shit load of new summer viewing should be on it’s way..I like tele me!

Even with a new spin…..

I love that picture!

Anyroad i am off to the bowling alley as the Go-Lightlys attempt to smash the shit out of the Pin Crushers and what with the lovely Mrs B dropping by later (She is working away today) i hope to be supping out of the victory cup yet again,Mind you this paper cut ain’t quite healed up yet…

Have a good one and Stay Safe.

The final furlong.

June 5, 2007

As if the week could not get any tougher at the factory..Another cow son of a shift and still a man down…A bit like all in wrestling without a ref,A lot cooler than yesterday though as the skies were clear and a good breeze picked up early in the morning so we took advantage of that.
Thank fuck it’s the last shift tonight,i am well looking forward to the bowling & with a bit of luck the lovely Mrs B may turn up later in the proceedings so hopefully she will give me a hand to carry home the trophy. Mind you my game had been shite the last time we bowled together and i am running out of ailments to blame it on so i hope the rest of the team are on form.

Hang on…..I just got a paper cut on my finger…that could affect my game on Wednesday..Well it could!

Anyroad i’m offf to catch up on a bit of tele,Have a good one dear reader and take care.