Holiday Booked

April 10, 2013

The next holiday is booked. Filey  A walking holiday and we are taking the dog this year. she (The Dog) has never seen the sea so we are looking forward to watching her play in the surf.

Looking at the Greek isles again for September but are a bit put off by the state of their finances, Will it be good value etc?

Work is going on well with the tram & the widening of the A453 here in Nottingham but the disruption is causing folks to moan on about it every day..Me? I don’t give a fuck just as long as the end result brings better times 

Off to work now for shift two.. Those of you who have done me wrong can fuck off & die. Those with good hearts have a great day.

P.S Good news that the Thatcher is dead.a long time coming..


More bleedin snow!

February 13, 2013

Not a good day today-More snow,no chance of a buzz about on the scooter.

Less than 2 weeks till we fly out for some sun 7 fun in Tenerife, I like the early break and i am proper in need of head emptying time. Just dossing by the pool with a cigar and a cold beer. bring it on.

Been a bit of a shit year so far so it can only get better as they say (who are they?)

Anyroad i just pop in here to keep myself amused so nowt of interest..Move along now nothing to see here.Image


New ride.

January 30, 2013

New ride.

Forgot to mention my new scoot.the Kymco Downtown.A lovely ride. A bit sad to see the old one go but getting a brand new one was a bonus.

Not long now till we jet off to Tenrife again,well up for the chill out,been a heavy few week so i need to rest my head in the sunlight for a few days.

Got myself an Air rifle again after 30 odd years of being away from um. So will be getting in some hunting soon.


Anyroad im off. Just a quick visit to keep myself entertained..Ohh i won a competition this week from Kymco uk’s facebook site..50 quid fuel card…Get in there.


Happy new year

January 1, 2013

Have a good one most of you… I hope to see some of you in the obituaries column of the post this year.. Go on make my year.

’twas the night before crimbo.

December 24, 2012

well another year gone by and time to ponder the old grudges…..Yep still there. No new ones gathered over the last year leaving me with plenty of time for the old favorates ..
Have a good one most of you.and those on the naughty list can slowly stew in their shame.

Still alive.

December 13, 2012

Woke this morning still full of whatever virus is kicking the shit out of me. I aint felt this bad for years,I reckon it’s the Flu..Not that Flu you think you got but the proper Flu.The one that weakens you–,the one that makes ya joints ache—,the one that just hits all ya systems at once .Not good.

Not a lot i can do about it bar keep warm,pop pain killers and drink gallons of water..Medics all through the ages aint been able to find a cure so what chance do i have?

Apart from being half an inch from death everything else is fine,A holiday to look forward to,Being rostered off at crimbo is good.Though i will have to miss out on this Fridays crimbo bash with the Lovely Mrs B due to being ill.



If i make it through this bout of proper poorly i will catch you all later.

Stay safe and keep warm out there.


December 13, 2012

The animated body.

December 12, 2012

Well the Flu has gotten hold of me.Felt like shit yesterday booked into the ED had the full health MOT.Result some virus is playing hell with my system.Just about blagged my way through the shift the got home and gradually got worse..Had to book off on the sick (With no pay..Due to the company removing sick pay because some twats used it as extra holidays).

Slept for over 16 hours and woke up feeling worse. I hate being ill and hate even worse the fact that it has cost me a couple of hundred quid..

Now i am trying to keep my feel warm..Losing a gallon of snot an hour and have a headache the beats um all.


Off to curl up and die.

see ya later ya MOFO’S


Can you see it?

December 5, 2012

Winter starting to bite my arse.Getting proper cold and damp..Mind you the Lovely Mrs B has booked us a holiday & only 12 weeks away so things already looking warmer and with 20 days off in March i am well chuffed.


Buggering off now cuz it’s time to head off to work to kick the backdoors in on the last shift of the week.Gunna get down to -3 tonight so a cold arse on the way home in the morning..Later ya MOFOS.Image

Rough as bags..

November 21, 2012

After feeling rough all through the working week i finally succumbed to the Man Flu.Honestly i feel like i have been run over by a truck. Just nipped out to the shops in the pouring rain to fetch a few supplies and had to stop half way home to gather  my strength ,,Dizzy n weak..Now wraped up n snug on the settee.

The Lovely Mrs B is about to book our winter break so we have some sunshine to look forward to, Good to think that in a few months we will be chillin to the max.

Anyeoad im gunna make myself a hot lemon drink and watch tele..


Take care out there most of you,The others can die in pain.(you know who you are)