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Getting away with murder?

July 2, 2008

Odd coppers….

October 29, 2007

Hey beggar’s…Fuck off…

What the hell has gone on in this country eh? What with folks coming up to me asking for

money then getting all pissed off when i tell um to fuck off or die?

Then theres the cunts asking for a smoke….Get a fucking job!

Apart from those twats things have been ok this week,I am feeling better though i am

still tired and the working week is going ok so far but i ain’t saying the Q word just yet!

Let me know when the new civil war starts will ya?

Anyroad time i read another load of bollocks about that McCann family… Oh and wait for the next flying pig to cross the skies..

Have a good one and mind ya backs !

Oh we never made it to the cinema on Friday as we were both too tired,so we grabbed

a meal and went for a beer instead,Spotted an old cancerous ghost from the past unall!

Barnze says ” I really dint notice it was you passing by the pub the other night!

If i had i would have shouted die you miserable vindictive cunt!”

Probability drive…..

September 11, 2007


A good day out yesterday, what with the tribunal and a good lunch in a secret location with a fucking good smoking terrace and a few cold beers a good crack all in..As per the terms & conditions laid down i can’t say much but lets just say that me n the lovely Mrs B are well looking forward to flopping down on a sun bed beside the pool in a few days….

A day off for us both today so shopping is on the cards, More shoes??? Ya never can tell. A pub lunch and a bit of a walk around Hood Town sounds about right..

My finger is still on the mend but every now n then if i catch it on owt it hurts like hell, But i reckon it will be ok in a few days.

You remember Russle our resident hedgehog??Well his mate Grunt is now living with him..smaller than Russ, Grunt makes a weird snorting sound when he/she patrols our garden but we don’t mind the noise as it is very pleasing to have a family of um living with us. Good to have a bit of nature willing to share it’s space with ya i reckon.

Anyroad it’s time for a brew before we hit the shops to spend, spend, spend.

Have a good one you lot and take care.

See me seeing you!

July 16, 2007

Good to see the stalkers back after my hols,mind you they did nip in whilst i was away enjoying my self.Sad bastards…

Makes me feel important having a compulsive lust after my every word i can tell ya!

A nice steady first night back at the factory last night and i am hoping it keeps up at the same pace for the rest of the week..I remembered not to say the Q word and avoided a clip around the tab so things went well.

Anyroad i’m off to look at holiday destinations on the interweb…September is not far away now you know!

Take care!



July 3, 2007

Hello to you all at Tango Hotel.

June 29, 2007

I don’t know about the rest of you out there but i get some good information from my site monitor,You know the sort of thing,who visits,for how long,what they look at,that sort of thing and i have to say that certain folks pop up on a regular basis leaving me with the stalked feeling.I just can’t work out what they expect to find but between the lines it’s all here for um.Ya just gotta break the code…

Perhaps i should make it easy for um to glean the info they are looking for by inviting any questions they want answered..Well what do ya wanna know?

Fuck all came the answer as expected,as they know who they are they know that my arse is always available for kissing!

I was thinking of banning um from the site a few months back but instead i record their visits and have begun to enjoy seeing um on the log.Like an old friend now meeting Monday to Friday at various times of the day,Nipping in with the hope of a mention or a snippet of news,I hope i keep um entertained with my day to day bullshit!

As they will be reading this very soon a personal message goes out to them….

You sad bastards!


June 1, 2007

Have a nice day.

Seven days to go…

May 31, 2007

Only seven days till i get to put my case for unfair dismissal to the employment tribunal and i am feeling confident that justice will be done, mind you winning the case don’t make up for the stress and shit i had to go through but at least they will be admitting guilt and i will get my good character restored,The ACAS people have been negotiating with the company that unfairly dismissed me to get some sort of settlement to drop the case but the offers have been insulting to say the least, i suppose i was lucky to find employment as quick as i did after a month of shit and having “Dismissed ” for the first time in over 15 years of doing this job ( With some top class references i must add) on my record ain’t what i call nice.

So the countdown begins to me getting my good name,respect & integrity restored & lets face it, it is my good fortune to have found employment so the time i was unemployed should not be taken into account when any offer of recompense is made but the company have come nowhere near to making good their mistake,It kind of makes me think that they ain’t taking the whole thing as serious as i am!

That month i was out of work was one of the worst months in one of the worst years i have lived through what with all the stress of losing both mine & Mrs B’s dads then the shit last November topped off with getting the sack was a lot to cope with,not that the company was a caring bunch at the best of times ,Anyroad another insulting offer today and another decline from me,i have informed my man of the ammount i will settle at and a reasonable sum it is in my view,so hopefully the messing about will stop and we can ether settle or meet up at the tribunal to hammer it out.

I had kind of put the whole thing out of my mind for a few weeks but now that things are getting nearer to getting sorted i can feel the bitterness i felt at the time creeping back so i will be well chuffed to see the back of the whole thing as i suppose the company will,not a good time on both sides i reckon.

Anyroad i am looking forward to getting the whole fucking mess sorted and to get on with my new job without having this shit around anymore.

Barnze says “Put things right”

Have a good one.

Hey Keith…..

March 28, 2007

Next time i speak to you i hope its through a medium!

It was christmas in the workhouse,

December 13, 2006


Speaking of Mrs Bs office bash has brought me to thinking about what celebrations are laid on for us at the factory… nothing…Honest,No Bonus,no Crimbo dinner not even a diary. Seem like we are the forgotten people when it come to christmas cheer, Mind you like all good workers we expect no less but we sometimes get that feeling we are the ones out in the snow looking in through the windows at the celebrations of others..Some poor fuckers have to be the tiny tims of the world eh?
Dickens would be rubbing his hands in glee for a storyline like ours i can tell ya, some of the gaffers have gotten themselves a few crimbo goodies but not a crumb has fallen of the table to us on the shop floor..What will we take home to the kids? Will Marley’s ghost visit this year? If i held my breath and died the factory would use my cold dead corpse as a draft excluder for the guvnors door till it started to stink!

Gawd bless us one and all!