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Down hill from here.

September 20, 2008

Well on top of the work here at the factory and with the gaffer at home packing his case, I am in the driving seat steering full steam ahead with only one more shift to do..

Mrs B is looking into the winter hol destinations this week…another week in the sun please. Oh and some nice local beer and good food just to make it work well.

Anyroad i gotta get back to the grindstone..have a good un.

Last shift tonight and i hope it goes as well as last nights..I am ready for a pint and some feet up time i can tell ya !

On the town.

August 6, 2008

Off into Hood Town with young master B today..i need a phone unlocking and i fancy a look around Cex for a bargain or two. Might even grab a pint while we are at it..Life is good.

We recieved the menu for the Sands yesterday,I reckon i will have the 12 garlic chicken..i love garlic me. We are well looking forward to a great night out. Then only a few week untill we jet off to sunnier climes..Nice.

Anyroad i’m of into town,have a good one most of you.The old boss can lick my ring.

Ding Dong!

June 20, 2008

The Bell is open again after being closed for a few week to re-furbish, I ain’t been up there yet but i am well looking forward to a pint in there as it is one of my watering holes. From all accounts the place looks good. I shall give it a nudge on my next weekend off.

Their web site has not been updated yet so no pics of the work done but i am sure it will be sorted in the next few days.

Me n the lovely Mrs B are out for a meal down at the Ferry tonight and i do hope the Venison is on the menu,It has been a bit hit and miss in there of late but i do like the place and when the meals are on form they are brill! A couple of bottles of wine help the evening along so a good time ahead.

Anyroad time for a brew so I’m off, Have a good weekend you lot and spare a thought for us that’s gotta work it.