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The found weekend.

November 20, 2009

The rest days are here again and a weekend off with the lovely Mrs B is to be enjoyed,And after a bleak, rainy,dark working week we are both looking forward to it,A roaring fire and a nice meal will soothe away the weeks graft i reckon.

Did you see that programme The execution of Gary Glitter the other week? I reckon it was brill and as one of the 54% of this country’s population in favor of the death penalty i reckon it must have poked a few thoughts into the heads of the other 46%.You still have a bit of time to watch it by clicking the link above,I must add that i have been to two of Gary’s concerts in the far distant past and he was the leader, a brilliant entertainer..Shame you turned out so wrong Gary,Even more of a shame you are still predating!

Onto a more lighter note crimbo is only a few weeks away and i have the luxury of being rostered off this year,i wonder if there will be anything in my stocking,i have been a good lad all year…..Honest i have!

Anyroad i have some shopping to do for tonight’s meal so i am off, Have a good weekend,snuggle up and keep warm with the one you love…That’s what i am gunna do.

Take care and stay safe,


July 14, 2008

Just got back from the cinema..Journy to the center of the earth 3D.. Brilliant..It’s been ages since i saw a 3D movie and i was not let down..We all enjoyed it though the fat girl in red who sat three seats behind us had 4 bog visits during the movie???? Well worth a look if it’s up ya street!

After it was into Antalya to see Mehmet and enjoy another top class meal.. Mind you i paid so there was a bit of a sting in the tail.. Then off to Wilko’s for a new iron as ours committed suicide this morning.. all in a good day.

A quiet night in with a bit of Roots the next generation to watch tonight so all is well. I am not due back at the factory till Wednesday night so a bit of hedge trimming in the morning and a meal to cook is on the cards for tomorrow..

Right i’m off for a brew..mind ya backs out there as stabbing season ain’t done yet. What is the score now? 6 stabbed to death in the last 2 days??? Capital punishment time eh?

Spare a thought…

January 27, 2007

For Sadams cat…

Some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them.

December 30, 2006


Well that’s sorted Sadam and a couple of his pals out,All done in the best possible taste i’m sure. They shant be bad lads no more now will they! Justice is done i reckon.

Stay Safe.


December 15, 2006


Good to see that the Chairman of the Notts Police Federation wants to open discussion on Capital Punishment,Mind you not just for cop killers eh! Plenty of evil bastards out there that are in need of justice i reckon.

I doubt if the debate will ever take place though, The way i see it is the Death penalty is not a deterant,never has been & yes mistakes have been made so if (and i hope it does) Capital Punishment is re-introduced the whole system will have to be looked into.

But i reckon a life for a life is the way to go,And dont give me that old shit about the Bible cuz it’s fiction and it ain’t up for discussion,It’s mankind makes the rules and sometimes the rules say if your gunna kill your gunna be killed!

Bring it back..Lets clear the back catalogue,There are some fuckers guilty beyond doubt just sitting about in cells waiting for the noose today.Drag um out kicking & screaming!!!!!

Narr it aint gunna happen cuz nowadays we spend time and money trying to understand these evil cunts and in some cases giving them a new lease on life.Justice nowadays is a playstation and a pool table!

Don’t bother with your no votes cuz i ain’t gunna listen to ya liberal bollocks..Hang um and hang um high!

Here endeth the lesson.