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Is that a tolling bell?

August 29, 2008

it’s good to see the back of that working week i can tell ya..not the normal stint of nays..more like a night shift what with the manic periods we delt with..Mind you as per normal we did the bizz to our normal top class standards..Well done team!

I have now got 22 days off to kick back,fly out,sunbathe,fly back,chill out n the rest that doing fuck all involves..Nice!

It is funny to watch the stock dwindle in the Co-Op day by day..and the news that the new owners Morrisons are looking for new supervisors tells me the behind the fag counter crew have at last been sussed out by management..good to see ya leave ladies..I reckon the staff that carried you for years will be glad to see the back of you.

Cheers for that one Nick…a gem.

Anyroad shit to do so i am off.Have a good one you lot.

I am not an animal.

August 14, 2008

Both me n the lovely Mrs B are on holiday from the daily grind of work..And we are gunna be heading off for a bit of countryside rest and relaxation..Ain’t it good when the world is ya oyster?

The pills are kicking in on my infection and the pain is a bit duller than it was yesterday so things are on the way up..Mind you both Mrs B & young master B have been taking the piss out of my swollen face and the pain makes it hard to take..They love me really..Well i think they do?? Elephant man indeed!!

I bumped into an old colleague from the old factory the other day,Not one that i would call a friend as i found him a bit stuck up his own arse at times and a bit of an arse kisser,but i did take the time to shake his had and voice my grievance against the old boss..i feel sure the message made it through..If not i still despise you!

Anyroad i am off to stick pins in my voodoo doll..Have a good one you lot and mind ya backs.

Barnze say’s “A bit of hatred is good for the soul.”

Not an asprin.

July 30, 2008

Another corker of a day and i have been taking a few rays whilst reading out on the patio. I have had a good crack watching the old factory boss nipping in and out of here all day..Over an hour of time spent enjoying reading my shite rather than work..wanker!

Oh & i have rediscovered the game Painkiller and have been giving that some hammer this afternoon and as we have outside catering tonight no meal to cook. So i might make it to level 3….. i love a frag fest me!

It’s a public holiday on monday so a spot of double time is nice..kind of puts a shine on the last night shift i reckon.

Anyroad i am off to get the kettle on ready for the arrival of the lovely Mrs B..have a good one and keep popping in eh?