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Help you i can.

June 13, 2008

I just had a call from Dave the belt.. I am to be his mentor during his training , Kind of comfortable what with us knowing each other and with his experiance i can’t see it being long before he is up to speed. It will be good to have him on our crew. ” Have a good holiday mate and see ya next week.”

The ruby is cooking away down in the kitchen and the whole of Barnze Towers smells great from it. We do like a curry though the aftermath leaves a bit to be desired if ya know what i mean?

The lovely Mrs B is entertaining a few of her colleagues her at Barnze Towers on Saturday night and with a bit of luck one of them will bring the next boxed set of the avengers for me..”Feel free to borrow any of my stuff mate”.

I hope that Douggie is back at the factory on Saturday what with our gaffer being off for the weekend the lucky bastard, Mind you maz is on with us so all should go well.

Anyroad i’m off to stir the curry..have a good one and take care out there.

Oh Ruby don’t take your bum to town.

June 13, 2008

Friday is here again and as i am not at the factory till Saturday night i reckon a good Ruby is in order..A bit of work but well worth it!

The last of my weekends at the factory for this month and with two weekends off next month things are looking good..Oh and it looks like we are going to get a new piece of Art..Britains tallest piece of free-standing art at that!!!! And it has been paid for by an anonymous benefactor so no cost to us..i like that idea.. Now i like art me so i am looking forward to seeing just what this thing will look like.Mind you towers ain’t my thing so i hope it ain’t gunna be an eyesore..Eye of the beholder and all that eh?

It’s good to see that we here in Hood Town are getting a new look what with the Market Square refurbishment and all that i reckon we are on the up..Just a few guns n knives to get rid of eh?

And what about Tuk Tuks as taxis here in the Hood? What a brill idea that is..I reckon they will do well, I could see myself going to work in one no probs…

Anyroad i am off to chop some garlic..Have a good weekend you lot.

Ring sting is good for ya.

January 11, 2007


Yesterday i said that a pub near me has turned into an Indian resturant,Today i read that Curry is good for you now that’s good news i reckon,If we all start eating Greek,Spanish,Italian & Indian food we will live for ever,That’s if the dark matter don’t kill us of course.Mind you i know a bloke who eats a yorkshire pudding and a bag of scratchings a day and he is 84!

Me n Mrs B are off out bowling tonight,I am looking to keep up the running score of three nil though i have been a bit poorly i reckon i will be taking home the trophy again,Mind you i am prepared to take a pasting from anyone better than myself,Not that it happens very often!

We might even get a ruby up on Hockley if the mood takes us, young Master B and his girlfriend knocked back the invite to a thrashing again,i can’t blame him realy not wanting to get his arse kicked on the lanes by his old dad,wise move young jedi!

Anyroad i’m off to munch on a chillie,Have a good one and Stay Safe