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In and out like Ronnie Biggs.

September 16, 2008

Just back from the dentists..Good bloke my man knowing that i don’t like the place i was in and out in 10 minutes minus a tooth and plus a numb face… All for under 50 quid…Mmmm i could think of a lot more i could do with that 50!

The above image was knicked from me mate Pinksy’s site, Kind of gives me one of those evil genius smiles to look at it as i never supported um and the crew in there hated me for it.. Fuck um. The rest of the shops here are making a packet at the moment as i hear the new Morrisons will not be trading until mid November, Not that it will bother us cuz we do our monthly shopping online and only use the local shops for fresh stuff, veg, fruit etc but i reckon that will change once Mozzers is up and running, A customer gain for them and a bonus for us as i do like to shop rather than key in my order. Bring it on.

As i am missing a tooth i shall be munching on a few wild mushrooms in a broth tonight while the rest of the crew enjoy some jerk chicken..I might be able to force a bit of it down me if i am lucky..i love jerk chicken me.

Anyroad the numbness in my face is easing off so i am off to take a couple of pain killers to ease the pain and nip on the settee for a bit of a nod. Have a good one you lot and take care out there. Oh i i managed to bowl a tomato at that filthy black cat today,I only wish i had a brick at hand. Meee Owwwww! I hope our resident squirrel has its fucking eyes out.

Going down.

August 16, 2008

At last the swelling is going down and the sympathy i received from AJ made things better so all is well..Mind you things are better for me now that i have a dentist who understands my and out with no chat,just do the job and let me get out of the place.

I still have no idea what it is about the dentist’s i don’t like but i do feel better about um nowadays..a bit of fear keeps you old workmate from my pit days once told me that respect & fear are brothers.. a very wise man was Buster, He taught me every thing there is to know about explosives,and having all my limbs still attached proves his advice was good.

Hood Town still has a few guns at hand as this twat gets off light..What happened to the minimum five years for possession huh? Takes the piss i reckon.

Anyroad i am off to frag some mutants on the PC not the streets..Mind you it’s an idea! .Have a good weekend you lot and stay safe out there.


January 15, 2007


Mrs B has sorted out a dentist for me (I think) to be honest i stopped listening after she said the word dentist so i’m not sure when or where i am supposed   going , but i suppose it’s gotta be done!!!

A special thanks goes to the tele sales twat in India for waking me up this morning,if he is reading this i can confirm to him i did say “cunts” twice and yes i did know he was only doing his job!!! What a way to make a living eh,pissing folks off every day. I can’t imagine anyone answering the phone and being pleased that some whelk is calling from an Indian call centre misquoting your name and telling you that you have the option of a free phone if you upgrade your package ( i like my package thanks) fuck me there has to be a better way of making a crust eh?

Anyroad i’m off to get ready for the last shift of the week and it feels good i can tell ya,even better that the papers have no news of shootings/stabbings over the weekend,must have been the cold weather that kept the nutters indoors,ahh i see now why the scrotes wear those hoodies…It’s to keep warm!!!

Have a good one & stay safe.

Whats been going on?

January 7, 2007


First off let me tell you about my teeth,Well fucked they are and as i don’t do dentists one of um has been giving me some gip over the last week,causing me to get Neuralgia,cost me two shifts off work due to me waking up in the middle of the night with half my face on fire,even touching my hair hurt,anyroad it looks like i will have to go to the dentists,So i ain’t looking forward to that i can tell you!

Funny how when i have to think about dentists the pain eases up,Perhaps i will be ok and the pain will go by it’s self?

Some inquiry because the police have fired a baton round at an armed youth,save the money and pat them on the back for fucks sake! The police have a shit job at the best of times and riding their arses every step of the way just makes their work harder. Speaking of police we had a copper around the back of Barnze Towers last night,half nine ish,i popped out to see what he was after & he told me they were chasing a youth in the area, they spent a few mins looking around but were happy to look elsewhere when i told him my security system had picked up nothing around our property,I hope they caught the scrote they were after.

A supprise to me to here that Charlie Drake and James Brown had died over the last few weeks as i thought they were already dead,I watched Charlie on the tele as a kid,Not realy all that good as i recall,And as for James Brown he never was my cup of tea either so no great loss to me. Mind you James Brown died after a visit to the dentists..See my pain is getting better by the second!

Anyroad i’m off to take another pain killer.Take care and Stay Safe.