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Notts Vegas.

May 13, 2009

Another chance for us here in Hood Town to dig our toes in the sand as the Market Square becomes a beach again this year, A good idea i reckon,Mind you it has to be kept clean,Nowt worse than sticking ya bare foot in a used nappy buried in the sand.

The weather has turned to shite again,rain,wind and cold again..Makes me want more for a week in the sun..

I nipped up to the tattooist’s today and booked an hour for next Thursday,I still haven’t got around to getting a photo of part two so when i have had part three done i shall post up a pic, Part four is already for doing but i reckon it will be after our holiday,I don’t want to be scabby whilst i am away!

A nice bit of Pollock for dinner,Ya can’t have to much fish n chips i reckon,We had a ruby last night so something a bit lighter today eh!

Anyroad it’s time for a brew and i have to get the spuds pealed and chopped so i’m off. Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Lashin it down.

July 31, 2008

It’s raining. Bombing down in fact, And i have to go out in it..ARSE..Oh and the public holiday next Monday ain’t for us here in England it’s a Scotish thing..And there’s me getting chuffed about it???

News today of a massive haul of drugs from just up the road from us in Ruddington.. That’s some moneys worth eh? Over 13 million quid!! They reckon they were turning over a million quid a month..Makes my wages look piss poor next to that..I wonder if there are any jobs in the drugs business?

Well there is a lull in the rain so i am gunna risk going out now..Have a good one most of you,The others can kiss my arse!

High times..Low lifes..

December 17, 2006


A top night out on Friday and a good turn out, a nice lie in on Saturday morning to clear our heads and a good day in town to finish the crimbo shopping.

Today me n Mrs B are off for a couple of frames at the bowling alley,and we might even grab a bite to eat whilst we are in town. Ain’t love grand?

A big drugs bust just up the road from us this week as the police recover nearly seven million quids worth of the shite from Ruddington a couple of miles east of us! A nice nick there lads,makes me wonder if there are any arrests to go with it?

Anyroad i’m off to limber up my bowling arm,Hope ya weekend was crime free.Take care & Stay Safe.