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Fantastic news just in…

August 8, 2008

My insider has just leaked that morrisons will be taking the Co-Op on the 25th of September..Now that is great for me cuz they are my preferred retailer..Mind you the staff keep their jobs so i hope the hide behind the fag counter crew get a rocket up their arses…

Fudge packers delight.

July 16, 2008

Back to the factory tonight armed with goodies for my crew..boxes of Clotted cream fudge & sticks of rock..i know my gaffer likes fudge so it should go down well i reckon. Douggie is off this week so i shall stow a box away for him..mind you if it stays stowed is another thing?

And on the count down to the night at Gainsborough and a week in the sun so things are looking good also we have our winter holiday to sort out..a bit of snow and a local pub will be nice..a snug cottage with an open fire is on the cards.

I must say i am gagging for news on what retailer is going to take over the running of the Co-Op, I am tempted to nip up and ask one of the staff but i can’t be arsed today..kind of a do nowt day i reckon but i am sure the news will get to me before the day is done.

Anyroad it’s time i had a shower n  shave in preparation for tonight’s shift..have a good one you lot.

All four corners..

June 19, 2008

Good news this week as the demolition crew are ready to get into the Bingo Hall and re-fit as a food shop.. a dream come true for me and a few thousand other residents i can tell ya. We have been tied down to the Co-Op for far to long now and at last a place to get some quality food. i reckon a corner shop would have taken my patronage but a supermarket is a bonus.. I never had time for bingo what with work n that so no skin off my nose if Clifton loses a few slot machines..Mind you i do like a gamble on the lottery…Keep the dream alive!

Eyes down and look in!

I reckon i would like to be there for the last game…Better still to win would be a classic..