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Well worth the licence fee

October 29, 2012

ImageKind of sticks in ya craw the cover up the BBC have done,Not a surprise though. Every one’s gone to the moon i reckon.

As i still get a few readers every day i have decided to bring this place back to life.. Loads of stuff gone by in the last year so i may recall a few things as time goes on..Mind you me n the Lovely Mrs B have just got back from India.A humbling place of wealth & poverty but a place that stays with you for a long time.

As for work i am still at the factory and enjoying myself.All has been good during the past year and the ups have outnumbered the downs.

Another holiday looming as we are in process of booking the annual flop beside the pool for Feb/March and with crimbo just a few weeks away there are good times ahead. Right enough for now cuz i gotta get the dinner on.

Stay safe out there.




Feeling better.

November 13, 2009

I am beginning to feel as if i am getting over this dragging illness,Mind you i have tried all the remedies going so i should be getting there.

What with the days off i should be good n proper for the next stint at the factory.Rest is a great healer. some good news as we have booked and confirmed our new years eve function at a hotel in Hood Town so that is something to look forward to on these dark winter days,The lovely Mrs B celebrates her birthday on new years eve and sadly the last two years i have had to work so we are well chuffed to be able to see the new year in and her birthday together this year.

The big changes at the factory that we thought were going to happen back in September are very close to coming in and a roster change will be very welcome,It looks like January now for the change,Another bonus to look forward too. So all is looking good for the new year!

Mrs B is booked in for the final session at the tattooists in the morning,and i am still pondering the last design for my back piece,Not a light decision so i and still torn between three designs …Drives me barmy to have to choose!!!!

Anyroad i got a bit of shopping to do so i am off,Have a good weekend you lot,I know i will.

Take care.