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A sign of the times!

May 28, 2008



January 17, 2007

I just opened a mail from Ken the bubble telling me it’s 22 degrees over there in Kefelonia,Nice one mate as it’s pissing down here!!! January and Feburary are just shit months i reckon!

More shots fired here in Hood Town as a woman gets a splinter injury,You may laugh but it could have been worse.Sadly another stabbing in the city centre unall this week!!!

Some parts of Hood Town are having a lot of bother with the gangsters just shooting anything and anyone at the moment just so they can say they shot some fucker,Give us the right to carry guns for six months and let um kill each other,that should thin these twats out a bit. Oh and giving us the chance to shoot back would be nice!

Anyroad i’m off to oil up the armchairs then to prepare the lovely Mrs Bs dinner,Pork casserole tonight and what with a few candles, soft music and a glass or two of wine we should have a nice nite in. Have a good one dear reader and Stay Safe.