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Happy new year you lot.

January 1, 2010

A brill nite had by me n the lovely Mrs B and a good birthday bash for her to boot,we had some good food,a bit of dancing and a bit too much wine,Well boloxed this morning but a full English soon put me right,The lovely Mrs B has crashed out on the settee so i reckon its early to bed for us tonight.

I hope you lot had a good time seeing the new year in and hopefully you feel a bit less rough than i do at the moment,mind you its few and far between that i get mullered so i aint all that bad.

A good 2010 for us i reckon and i wish all the best to most of you lot out there,Have a good 2010 and take care eh?

Down time………

December 6, 2009

Glad to see the back of that working week i can tell ya,me n Douggie played a blinder,Shane we have some more weekends to work though as i am well up for some quality time with the lovely Mrs B but as i have crimbo off all is not lost eh?

Young master B has a new girlfriend (Again) a nice girl so lets hope it lasts..Mind you he flits in and out with them so who knows???

Not much time to waste on here today as i need to snuggle up on the settee with lovely so i am off.

Take care out there.

Quiet please.

November 20, 2009

A nice piece of pork fillet tenderloin with roasted winter veggies,Comforting and good for ya. A bottle of wine and some good tele ,a warm fire & the lovely Mrs B , a cozy night in is sorted.

Aint love grand?

22 and counting…

August 18, 2009

A nice romantic meal for two tonight as the lovely Mrs B and me celebrate our 22nd anniversary, 22 years and most of those happy ones,I suppose we all have some shite to deal with as we go through life but i reckon that apart from the shared heartache of family and friends passing ,we have been blessed with a happy life and i can not think of anyone better to share those good times than the lovely Mrs B.

Thanks for the memories Lovely,Lets hope for plenty more to come.

The champers is on ice.


I can almost taste the sangria.

August 16, 2009

A bit of a hit n miss week at the factory,Some good some bad but it has been and gone now and with only two more week to work till we jet off who gives one eh?

I will be catching up with my mate Douggie for his 2nd sitting at the tattooists on Wednesday so i reckon a pint or 2 after will be in order, A few more weeks to go till i get my next session and i am looking forward to getting the detailing put onto my latest piece ,Roll on.

It is our anniversary on Tuesday 22 years of wedded bliss, Bad news is that the lovely Mrs B (Promoted to a higher position) is so busy in the office she cannot get the day off..We are setting aside a day of our holiday in Alcudia for some special moments..Mind you there will be some hand holding done on the big day so all will be well. I hope to get at least another 40 years of celebration in before i shuffle off this mortal coil, Mind you having a knees up when you are 90 odd don’t really thrill me but i will give it my best. Ain’t love grand?

Anyroad i got a bit of stuff to catch up on so i am off..More tomorrow.Hope your weekend was a good un.Take care.

Just the ticket.

August 19, 2008

Our flight tickets arrived this morning, bringing us one step closer to the beach.. On the bad new front that stinking black cat turned up in our garden again today..i don’t know how it made it through the razor wire but it weren’t too chuffed at having a golf ball lobbed at it’s arse! I would love to see it dangling from the wire one morning.

A nice night had last night with plenty of fizz to help us celebrate our special i feel a bit of a dull ache as an aftermath..ahh well it’s only once a year eh?

Off up the shops now for a gloat.. Only a few weeks till Mozzers takes over..

Have a good one and take care out there.

21 today..

August 18, 2008

What a day eh..Our 21st wedding anniversary and a bottle of fizz chilling in the fridge.21 years without a bad work spoken.yeah right but i must say it has been 21 wonderful years with so much behind us that i would not change a thing. i got lucky the day i met Mrs B and have enjoyed the ride..Reminds me of the Queen song “Don’t stop me now

Sometimes i hear folks say how unhappy they are in their relationships and it makes me feel lucky that i have found my soul hard to find so they say but i managed it.

If you have a loved one, take good care of um eh!

i am off to celebrate now..have a good one you lot.

Barnze say’s “Ain’t love grand?”

Happy birthday lovely.

December 31, 2006


Happy birthday to the lovely Mrs B, i am lucky enough to be the one who gets to share the day with her.

Nearly 20 years since i first set eyes on the then to be Mrs Bs bum, Honest the first time i saw her she was bending over with her back to me,I knew then that that was the arse girl for me,looking back it seems like it happened a few weeks ago but a lot of time has passed and we have shared some great experiances together,We have watched the flying foxes roost,Swam with dolphins,Rescued stray dogs,Held hands on a tropical isle,Fed pelicans during our lunch,I once made her nose bleed,She once blacked my eye,Swam naked at midnight,Fumbled about in many an elevator and countless more little things that have for me made to be a rich and full life.

Happy birthday lovely,Here’s to 20 more years of those little things that make us who we are!