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A pack of rats!

August 22, 2008

We are off for a night on the town tomorrow to see the Legends of Las Vegas at the  Sands in Gainsborough with an overnight stay in a romantic place..How lucky can one guy be?

The weekend is gunna be a good one, and from what the crew tell me the factory was a madhouse last week..a good one to miss i reckon. And double time for Monday as it’s a bank hol things are looking good !

As the building trade is taking a nose dive young master B has branched out into landscape gardening so we may find him a few jobs in our front garden as the lovely Mrs BA pack of rats. has ideas for a veggie patch..who knows?

No cooking for me tonight as we are having outside caterers in, good for me as Mrs Bs wheat intolerance is getting in the way of menus… Mind you a good meal is on the cards for tomorrow.

Anyroad i am off for a game of dommies..Have a good one and stay safe out there.

On the town.

August 6, 2008

Off into Hood Town with young master B today..i need a phone unlocking and i fancy a look around Cex for a bargain or two. Might even grab a pint while we are at it..Life is good.

We recieved the menu for the Sands yesterday,I reckon i will have the 12 garlic chicken..i love garlic me. We are well looking forward to a great night out. Then only a few week untill we jet off to sunnier climes..Nice.

Anyroad i’m of into town,have a good one most of you.The old boss can lick my ring.

A mountain stream of freshness. yeah right!

August 1, 2008

We are drinking the top tap water in the country here in Hood Town acording to a recent survey..odd that seeing as we belch millions of gallons into the ground due to leaks! Mind you i have never paid for bottled water so no change there then..i do think tap water much like milk tasted better a few years back..or is that just me?

The start of four night shifts tonight and i am well up for it..i don;t mind the weekend work over the night shifts as the time zooms by and before you know it it the days off again..we tend to be busy so the shifts go by in a flash.And the next stint of night shifts i am off with an overnight-er in Gainsborough and a bit of lounge music lobbed in..Aint life brill?

Anyroad stuff to do and people to see today so i am off..Have a good weekend and take care.

Barnze say’s “Have the weekend off you obsessive twat” To my special friend!

Viva Gainsborough..

July 14, 2008

The lovely Mrs B has booked us an overnight-er for the Viva las vegas show at the Sands in Gainsborough..About as near as we will get to doing the full on rat pack thing and with a night in a hotel it looks to be a good one.. i do like a bit of jazz n swing me.

How lucky can one guy be?