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Peaced out and full up.

May 19, 2008

Just got back from the pub after a pleasant walk along the Trent. Feeling full of good food and beer and relaxed after the stroll amongst the trees. The bird song down there was soothing to the mind and the gentle bubble of the river makes for a very relaxing walk.

A nice mixed grill for me and lemon and herb chicken for the lovely Mrs B went down a treat and with the excitement of Mrs B spilling her drink all over the table made for a good time. A bit of a quiet night in tonight cuz we are up early for the birds of prey in the morning. All in a nice few days spent together..Holidays just a few weeks away so all is well.

Young master B is well chuffed with his birthday prezzy and is happy with the choice of games we brought for all he has to do is get his room tidied up a bit and we all shall be chuffed..i ain’t holding my breath!

Anyroad i reckon i shall have another beer and catch up on the Avengers..Have a good one dear reader and stay safe.

Down the Grove.

November 10, 2006


We made it down the grove yesterday,a nice morning for it unall,Nice to get right into nature down there & we found a nice spot for a glass of wine & a bite to eat with just the birdsong to listen to it soon got us well chilled out. The bad news was that the conversion work on Clifton Hall has taken a lot of the trees down,they even lobbed the cut down ones over the cliffs onto the banks…TWATS!

The top photo is the way down from the village onto the bottom of the Trent Valley,a nice walk down but a bit of a bugger coming back up.

Onec down to the bottom it’s a 20 minuite stroll along a leafy tree lined path brings you to Holme Pit         

A large pond full of wildlife,Mallards,Coots,Swans,Squrrels etc,a nice place to just sit and soak up some peace i reckon.Then if you want you can get onto the banks of the Trent though what with it being a bit cold and it being exposed we dint hang about down ther for long,Nice in the summer though!

A nice few hours down there blows the shite right out of your head leaving you tired but feeling good,We got back in time for me to make us a nice curry for dinner & what with a couple more bottles of wine we went to bed happy.

I realy hope that you have access to a bit of countryside to get into,It’s one of the great things about Hood Town i reckon,we are never to far away from some peace n quiet,And the odd bit of horse shit,And you can always bung that in a bag and take it home for the garden.


Take care & have a good one.