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Holidays booked..Cases at the ready.

March 25, 2009

Our holidays are now booked and paid for and only a couple of months to go till we fly out to Malta, We have booked a week all inclusive at the Qawra palace hotel..Roll on i say.

The scabby bits are now coming away from the tattoo though it aint at its best just yet.I  have been looking up some designs for the the next piece though i still haven’t decided which one to go for.. Don’t choice just wind you up????

Not a bad week at the factory though we lost our latest team member due to a major fuck up by him ..The replacement team member is traing up this week and will be with us on Sunday night for some on the job training..It’s been a funny few months for us what with the last three noobies not making the grade..Let’s hope this one cuts the mustard!

Some good news on the Robin Hood front as Vanessa Redgrave signs up for Tarantino”s new film..Looking forward to that one.

Anyroad i’m off to look up places for the winter hols. Have a good one and take care.

Under the gun.

March 11, 2009

I have booked my two hours worth of pain up at the Tattooist’s for next Thursday, Dropped off my design today so i am well looking forward to that. He seemed chuffed with the design and quoted 120 quid for the job.Not a bad price for the amount of art work i reckon.

I am well into the Dark Tower audio books on my ipod,On book 3 at the moment and i can recomend um to ya,a good story so far and 5 more books to go.

Anyroad it’s time for a brew and a fist full of fags so i’m off.Have a good one and stay safe.

Barnze say’s.Message to the cunt who vandalised the statue of Robin Hood over the weekend..”Die ya bastard”.

Bob Hood..What next?

January 15, 2009



Well i am well pissed off to read that the Tales of Robin Hood has now closed it’s door to the public for was never what you would call brill but it was a good place for the visitors to hood town to go. I still reckon that if the attraction was moved into the castle grounds it would make a few quid!

A new product for Mrs Bs dinner tonight..Tilapia fish…It looked good so i got one on today’s visit to Mozzers..Lets hope i cook it right eh?? Me n young Master B are sticking with the steak n chips option!

I have been reading up on our winter break hotel and it looks to be a good place and with only a few weeks till we bugger off it makes me feel good just reading about it.Bring it on!

Anyroad i am off for a brew.have a good one and take care out there

Closed due to lack of interest..

Closed due to lack of interest..

Credit Crunch with milk and sugar.

January 6, 2009

I have just been reading about how the so called Credit Crunch is affecting us here in Hood Town with the Tales of Robin Hood on the brink of collapse.. How crap is that eh? I never really thought the place was all that good but we do need it to stay open..Perhaps a move up into the castle grounds will do it some good???

 Oh and nipping into our local Wollies was an eye opener yesterday.. They have even sold the shelving??? Mind you i must say that over the years i must have spent well over 20 quid in there so no loss to me,Bad news for those who have lost their jobs though.

As i have been getting a few Migraines/Headaches lately Mrs B is going to book me in for an eye test (It could be a tumor) to see if my mincers are at fault, And with 2 pairs of glasses for 75 quid i reckon now is the time to go blind.. I reckon i will go toSpecsavers!!!

I missed out on catching up with Ken the Bubble due to me working and him & his family having to travel around visiting family, Maybe next year i will visit you mate,Hey ya never know?

Anyroad time i continued my search for some free Goon Shows..Have a good on and keep watching the skies..Their here!

No shit Shirlock.

November 4, 2008

So the Nottingham city council are now thinking of a Robin Hood logo to promote Hood town,After throwing away 120 grand on the wonkey N, Get your act together will ya,Did the people of Hood town tell you they wanted it when you buggered about with the logo last time.

The above picture is from a pub i went to last year in Lloret,Instant Hood town recognition i reckon.Bring  Robin back to Hood town with pride!

I have read that hedgehogs are in decline so i am well chuffed to say that we now have two resident spikey friends as we now have a youngster snuffleing around the grounds here at Barnze Towers, Our adult Hedgepig Grunt has given birth for the second time in three years. The lovely Mrs B sees to it that they are fed and watered every night so we are doing well with them. And keeping those bastard cats away does um good unall!

Anyroad i’m off for a brew,Have a good one you lot and take care out there.From Hero to Zero.

Alas poor Robin. Take a bow!

September 18, 2008

Some bastard has nicked half of the bow from the Robin Hood statue up at the castle.Why the fuck would ya want to distory that ? I rackon a bit of cctv up there is a must. the time i have been up there and the arrow is missing pisses me right off. Get a fucking grip!

Back to the factory tonight for the start of four night shifts, And with our gaffer only working two of um it will leave me in charge so i am hoping that we get a good crew on, i must say i ain’t missed the place over the last twenty odd day that i have been off so i gotta get myself back in the zone . Roll on the next holiday is what i say!

I passed to Co-Op building today and it was good to see it closed and work ongoing for the refit.Goodbye and good riddance to it..

I am off to polish my boots..Have a good one and enjoy the weekend you lucky folks who ain’t working it.

A good week.

July 28, 2008

A nice steady week at the as fuck though but a few meemo’s and cold drinks kept us going. Good to see the weather is still sunny today as i am going to give it some patio this afternoon, might even have a beer or two while i am at it!

The holiday season is coming up at the factory so we will be having some new staff on our team as each of us bugger off on our jollys,Our new holiday cover person packed in the job after only 5 days..Just shows how tough it is i reckon. i have a week off next month and the same in september..I love time off me.

Some bad news on the Robin Hood front as the new movie “Nottingham” has had it’s production stopped!! Bastard! i was looking forward to that unall???

Anyroad i am off up to pull the piss out of the staff in the Co-Op then i am gunna get some sun on my back.

Have a good one you lot and take care out there.

Hang um high.

December 14, 2006

                                                                           Sentence has been put at 30 years for the gunman in the case of the shot copper here in Hood Town,bad new is he will do his time here before being deported,That’s another scrote we tax payers have to keep…They should have deported him to serve his time in Trinidad i reckon,Better still hung the cunt!

 Still no daft name yet for this killer on the loose in Ipswich and that suprises me as normaly the press give these twats names like the Suffolkater or the Copdock Coward..kind of gives the readers something to hate rather that just killer on the loose. Mind you as the jokes are coming thick and fast about the killings the press need to get in there quick i reckon.

 Thank fuck it’s my last shift tonight..A crap sleep today and a stiff neck to contend with,Mind you i will get to catch up with Ann tonight (My old shift boss) who is stepping in as boss as Dave the belt is still off work after his illness,Good news is Dave is out of hospital and will be back at the factory on tuesday.

 Anyroad it’s time for a cuppa before i set off for my stint. Have a good one dear reader & Stay Safe.

 News just in..Nottingham reveals the new city boundary sign!                                                                                

The barbed wire throat!

December 8, 2006


Feeling good today apart from my throat feels like a have been eating razor blades,Made a mistake of hitting it with some Listerine…Blimey that stung,got me into a coughing fit and took two fags to get straight..

And there was me thinking is was cured. Lucky  i still have a few doses of Co-Op cough syrup to ease it!

I’m cooking up another curry tonight “Chicken Tikka Masala” (Brings to mind a joke..Tonight i’m having chicken tarka masala..It’s like tikka only a little otter!) we were going out but neither of us can be arsed so a night in at our favorite eaterie is in order.Bad news is i gotta get up to the shops for some bits and seeing those idle fuckers in the Co-Op with bits of tinsel on their heads winds me up,They have a tin on the customers service desk wrapped in christmas paper with the words Thank You written on it and expect you to put money in it for them..Fuck um i say,the service is shit in there..Scrounging cunts!

Anyroad once i have the dinner sorted i’m off for a doss in front of the tele…A few episodes of The Adventures of Robin Hood , A mug of tea and the chance of nodding off to sleep sounds good to me.

Enjoy your day dear reader,Keep warm and safe.

Oh happy days.

December 7, 2006


The days off are finaly here,No alarm in the morning so hopefully i will catch up on some sleep!!!

The weather is a bag of shit at the moment and its good to be indoors,Crumpets n stew weather i reckon though tonight it’s spare ribs n chips,not quite the winter fare i was hoping for but it’ll do.

A couple of bottles of wine and a few beers chilling in the fridge and the prospect of snuggling up to the lovely Mrs B has put a warm glow on me!

I have been out of my shift pattern for far to long now and i have loads of stuff to catch up on so i will be busy for a couple of days.and what with crimbo being just a few sleeps away there will be no rest!

Some good new is that the BBc are trying to get Matt Lucas to play Friar Tuck in the second series of Robin Hood..Good idea that as they reckoned that the character of Tuck was out of order owing to him being fat?? Rubbish! Get Tuck into the series as he is a part of the legend of Robin Hood you numptys.

Anyroad it’s time i got started on the snap, Have a good one dear reader and .