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Hard labour.

June 7, 2009

Nice to see the rip off artists ousted from the county hall…Good riddence to um! Nuff said on that i reckon.

Rain,good for the garden but its keeping us indoors…Mind you with only two weeks to go till we fly out, who gives one?

Oh and i must mention the bad attitude of the youth of today,I had a scroat get his face in mine yesterday,all puffed up and red faces he was, mind you all talk and no action,They make me sick with all their showboating. Its about time they all fucked off and lived together is some gated immature housing scheme. Get some respect!

Off for a game or two..Have a good one and take care as you never know who is gunna turn on you!

Edited after my mistake was pointed out….Ooops.

Exit stage left!

November 18, 2008

The street theatre was performing again last night as pissed up twats shouted and fell into the hedges of us normal folk..How come people get so pissed they have to shout at each other from a foot away?

To top it off nextdoor to us had some cavity wall insulation installed today and the noise of it woke me early so a rough night and an early morning did nowt for my mood.

Not a bad day though today and my mood lifted once i got to the shops,A bit of a stir fry tonight so not much prepping to do untill it’s time to cook.And to lift my spirits even more i managed to lob my slipper at that big fat ginger cat hitting it’s arse as it buggered off out of the garden..Nice!

Anyroad i’m off for a fistfull of fags and a bucket of tea.Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Alas poor Robin. Take a bow!

September 18, 2008

Some bastard has nicked half of the bow from the Robin Hood statue up at the castle.Why the fuck would ya want to distory that ? I rackon a bit of cctv up there is a must. the time i have been up there and the arrow is missing pisses me right off. Get a fucking grip!

Back to the factory tonight for the start of four night shifts, And with our gaffer only working two of um it will leave me in charge so i am hoping that we get a good crew on, i must say i ain’t missed the place over the last twenty odd day that i have been off so i gotta get myself back in the zone . Roll on the next holiday is what i say!

I passed to Co-Op building today and it was good to see it closed and work ongoing for the refit.Goodbye and good riddance to it..

I am off to polish my boots..Have a good one and enjoy the weekend you lucky folks who ain’t working it.


June 13, 2008

But fucking funny.



January 15, 2007


Mrs B has sorted out a dentist for me (I think) to be honest i stopped listening after she said the word dentist so i’m not sure when or where i am supposed   going , but i suppose it’s gotta be done!!!

A special thanks goes to the tele sales twat in India for waking me up this morning,if he is reading this i can confirm to him i did say “cunts” twice and yes i did know he was only doing his job!!! What a way to make a living eh,pissing folks off every day. I can’t imagine anyone answering the phone and being pleased that some whelk is calling from an Indian call centre misquoting your name and telling you that you have the option of a free phone if you upgrade your package ( i like my package thanks) fuck me there has to be a better way of making a crust eh?

Anyroad i’m off to get ready for the last shift of the week and it feels good i can tell ya,even better that the papers have no news of shootings/stabbings over the weekend,must have been the cold weather that kept the nutters indoors,ahh i see now why the scrotes wear those hoodies…It’s to keep warm!!!

Have a good one & stay safe.