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Feeling better.

November 13, 2009

I am beginning to feel as if i am getting over this dragging illness,Mind you i have tried all the remedies going so i should be getting there.

What with the days off i should be good n proper for the next stint at the factory.Rest is a great healer. some good news as we have booked and confirmed our new years eve function at a hotel in Hood Town so that is something to look forward to on these dark winter days,The lovely Mrs B celebrates her birthday on new years eve and sadly the last two years i have had to work so we are well chuffed to be able to see the new year in and her birthday together this year.

The big changes at the factory that we thought were going to happen back in September are very close to coming in and a roster change will be very welcome,It looks like January now for the change,Another bonus to look forward too. So all is looking good for the new year!

Mrs B is booked in for the final session at the tattooists in the morning,and i am still pondering the last design for my back piece,Not a light decision so i and still torn between three designs …Drives me barmy to have to choose!!!!

Anyroad i got a bit of shopping to do so i am off,Have a good weekend you lot,I know i will.

Take care.

Still alive..Just!

October 28, 2009

Still poorly,it’s been ages now and no sign of it going away,Mind you i slept like a log last night for the first time in weeks,I am taking it easy this week just catching up on sleep and keeping snug n warm.

Just back from the tattoists and am well chuffed with the knight,I will post photos when it has healed.Poor Douggie still has another session on his back so he is still not done,maybe next week mate..

I have a few days off now so plenty of time to rest up and try to shake this cold off,hot lemon drinks and losds of tele will sort it.

Anyroad i’m off to sort the dinner out,Have a good one and take care.

Not quite match fit.

October 12, 2009

I am still not up to speed yet after nearly 2 weeks of feeling like a bag of shit..Proper poorly and now the lovely Mrs B is getting the virus..I feel sorry for her but i reckon she wont have it half as bad as me….

I am enjoying the scooter and am getting in and out work in about 10 mins..brill..i am looking forward to a good run out this week to hone my skills, Mind you i am up at the tattooists in the morning so no chance of a run out tomorrow.

i have been to tired to get up on the pc for the last few days so i have a shit load of catching up to do so i am off to read a few folks stuff. Have a good one.

Where have i been???

October 4, 2009

Poorley,Sick,Laid up…Man flu..I reckon i only just made it through.Mind you i dint lose any time at the factory..keep plodding on as they say.Feeling a lot better now though still as rough as bags.

The CBT course has been and gone and my scooter arrives tomorrow, I am well chuffed and now i am insured i am off on the road in the morning..I went for The Piaggio 125 Fly kind of suits me i reckon..not to boy racer and still looks good.

That’s the very one i have..Stylish but not brash i reckon.

A booking next week for more work on my tattoo,nearly done on that though i have seen a bob on templar knight i would not mind on my upper arm…

Cheers for the invite to your bonny week function Mass..We will be there!

Anyroad i am off to sort out the stew pot for tomorrows dinner,ya just gotta love stew.

Have a good one and take care.

That was quick!

November 1, 2008

Well bad news for us at the factory as Dave the belt takes another job elsewhere,Kind of offer he could not refuse i reckon,Anyroad we need another team member now as do a couple of the other shifts so as we are a man down we will have it all on over the next few months.. Fair play to Dave and good luck at the new place mate.

I have been and still am not well, i reckon i lost a good gallon of snot last week and my body feels like it has been run over by a horse…

Anyroad i am off to snug up infront of the tele.have a good one and try this to kill a few cats..Cheers for that one AJ. Have a good weekend you lot.

Been poorly.

October 20, 2008

Been to tired,achey,snotty to do owt whilst i have been off work.back to the factory tonight,not 100% but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Anyroad i hope your weekend was better than mine.Roll on next week.With a bit of luck we might get out somewhere. Pass the tissues will ya.

Rough as bags.

October 9, 2008

Both me n the lovely Mrs are proper poorley.a tough of a cold i reckon, And seeing as we both feel rough it aint man flu! One of the bad things about a late summer holiday is when ya come back ya freeze ya nads off.

News here in Hood Town about a cat killer takes over the local press knocking muggings,stabbings and robberies onto the middle i hate cats as most folk know but we seem to have a nutter going around sticking screwdrivers in cats heads..Must cost him a few quid in tools…Mind you ya can get a full set for a quid in those cheap shops..I would like to read of dead cat with a pair of pliers up it’s arse!

Anyroad i’m off to lace the garden with poison ,Hey i’m down to only that stinking black cat and the fat ginger bastard..The broken glass is working well.

Have a good one and keep ya pussy indoors eh!

The barbed wire throat!

December 8, 2006


Feeling good today apart from my throat feels like a have been eating razor blades,Made a mistake of hitting it with some Listerine…Blimey that stung,got me into a coughing fit and took two fags to get straight..

And there was me thinking is was cured. Lucky  i still have a few doses of Co-Op cough syrup to ease it!

I’m cooking up another curry tonight “Chicken Tikka Masala” (Brings to mind a joke..Tonight i’m having chicken tarka masala..It’s like tikka only a little otter!) we were going out but neither of us can be arsed so a night in at our favorite eaterie is in order.Bad news is i gotta get up to the shops for some bits and seeing those idle fuckers in the Co-Op with bits of tinsel on their heads winds me up,They have a tin on the customers service desk wrapped in christmas paper with the words Thank You written on it and expect you to put money in it for them..Fuck um i say,the service is shit in there..Scrounging cunts!

Anyroad once i have the dinner sorted i’m off for a doss in front of the tele…A few episodes of The Adventures of Robin Hood , A mug of tea and the chance of nodding off to sleep sounds good to me.

Enjoy your day dear reader,Keep warm and safe.