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Too much arse’n about.

December 5, 2006

Looks like part of Hood Town has a fire bug problem now i myself do like a bit of a fire (Candles are a draw for me) but sparking up some fuckers house for kicks is a bit out of my league,I did once work with a convicted arsonist (Known as Mad Mick) who was a nice bloke but every now & then if the subject cropped up he loved to talks about fires. It must be a strong draw for those of that type! Anyroad we got one one on the loose,With a bit of luck our local gun slingers will take him/her out.

One more shift to do and i am feeling a bit better though i ain’t had a good nights sleep for about a month now, Roll on those days off i say!

Right i’m off to superglue my japs eye closed.

Have a good one and Stay Safe.

Life on the edge…

December 1, 2006

I was up at two am this morning with a belter of a migraine so i had to get up so as not to disturb the lovely Mrs B and go down to the Great hall for a couple of pills and a fag,Within half an hour it had gone down to just a banging headache. Slept through till 9 and i still can feel the tension in my crust! I shall keep on top of it with the painkillers.

Off out tonight for a few after work drinkies with Mrs B and her colleagues then on for some snap,No idea where we will end up but as i have said before “Anywhere is good in the company of the lovely Mrs B” starting off in The Bell and working out from there,Reminds me that it was good to catch up with my cousin Sandra in there last week,i ain’t seen her for ages .Mind you we only just had time to invite her to our grand annaversary ball we are having in August,Not all sorted yet but it looks to be a good night out.

Anyroad i’m off for another handfull of pills & a bit of a nod.

Stay safe folks and be careful out there.

Here we go again…

November 28, 2006

Sore throat,snotty nose,coughing..I wonder if it’s a tumour?

Take care out there.