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Odd coppers….

October 29, 2007

Hey beggar’s…Fuck off…

What the hell has gone on in this country eh? What with folks coming up to me asking for

money then getting all pissed off when i tell um to fuck off or die?

Then theres the cunts asking for a smoke….Get a fucking job!

Apart from those twats things have been ok this week,I am feeling better though i am

still tired and the working week is going ok so far but i ain’t saying the Q word just yet!

Let me know when the new civil war starts will ya?

Anyroad time i read another load of bollocks about that McCann family… Oh and wait for the next flying pig to cross the skies..

Have a good one and mind ya backs !

Oh we never made it to the cinema on Friday as we were both too tired,so we grabbed

a meal and went for a beer instead,Spotted an old cancerous ghost from the past unall!

Barnze says ” I really dint notice it was you passing by the pub the other night!

If i had i would have shouted die you miserable vindictive cunt!”

A long fucking day

November 13, 2006

Today has been one of those trudge through treacle sort of days,In fact i spent most of it clock watching waiting till knock off !

This made me smile today even though my sense of humour ain’t all that tuned in it still managed to knock the grimace off my juff!

Right i’m off for some fishfingers n chips.

Watch ya backs out there folks there allus some fucker trying to stab ya.