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Having a knees up

May 20, 2014

street_art_banksy_london_england_3Well the time is going by a a good speed as our walking holiday gets closer.

We met our new bosses last week, they gave us a bit of hope of improvement in conditions so its a wait n see situation.. We have been here before so no holding breaths n that. The new mob seem to give a fuck so all is good.


My knee has been playing up for a few weeks now and I am thinking of getting a replacement done. Now I am old I can get it fixed. Bit  of a decision to make as my mates op dint go as well as it should and he is now having another op..

Tell ya what though it would be good to cut out the pain killers. Asnd get about pain free. I will make my decision when we get back from our holidays. See how I cope with the walks.  Mind you I do about five or six hours walking every day at work and that ain’t easy on my knee. We shall see!

Both Roxy and Frank are getting into mates mode now though they still have to rag each other up every day ( must be a dog thing) but on the whole they get on well.

Any road I’m off to watch Dark Star. A corny 70s Si fi movie.

Keep smiling.

Tattoo two.

April 21, 2009

I have booked an hour up at the Tattooist’s for next Tuesday for phase two of my full back job, I wanted to get in this week but he is very busy!

Back to the factory in the morning after four lovely days off and as the weather is picking up a bit Mrs B is gunna book a few days off in the week as i am coming on to the weekend work..Perhaps a few days out in the country is in order…Ya never know.

Only about eight weeks to go till we fly out to Malta, Just enough time to get myself a couple of shirts and a bit of sun cream.

I like the Hawaiian shirts..kind of tells folks you are on your jollies i reckon.The gaudier the better..Good enough for Magnum ,good enough for me. Mind you i reckon i will give the baseball cap a miss.

Anyroad it’s time to get the dinner for the family.Hungry after their days graft. Have a good one and take care out there.

Not quite the champ…

April 12, 2009

News just in..Went bowling yesterday.lost.Nuff said! Mrs B is the bowling champ & i have had to give her the trophy (For now)..I am happy to play today for a re match but no takers..If i were match fit i would have won but i have been poorly and am on some special cough medicine and it threw me off my game..Well done to the lovely Mrs B for taking advantage of a sick man. oh and thanks to jesus for the easter eggs.




Cheers to Zeltergiest for the pic…

Good news is we have another day off together tomorrow so it’s all good.if the weather is good we are off for a walk down the Grove,a nice place to spend a bit of quality time i reckon.

Androad i’m off to hear some more gloating about the bowling…Have a good one and don’t eat to much chocky eh?

Golly what a holiday..

March 8, 2009

As you can see from the picture of a Spanish tea bag wrapper gollies are alive and well in Lanzarote.

Just a bit about our hols..The Germans have some brilliant tashes so i can’t fault um for that and i reckon the old towel on the sun lounger game is well dead and gone. If you ever make it toPuerto Blanca in Lanzarote nip into Don Cammilos grill for the best mixed grill,I do a lot of grills me but i have to say this place did the best by a mile and with a jug of sangria and a bit of garlic bread one of the best meals i have had for ages.

Apart from being a bit sparse what with mountains and miles of solidified lava the island is a nice place to walk in, though what the locals did before tourism i don’t know..Scratched around to grow a few grapes i suppose. as for the all islands in the canaries the Canarian Potatoes are spot on,Cooked in their skins and boiled in sea water, giving um a salty taste,Nice with some red MoJo sauce..Gets ya mojo working if ya know what i mean?

The beach side eateries and bars are a lot quieter than the ones in Tenerife,A lot less sky tv and more on the wine and dine idea, For me that’s the way it should be! I would go there again but not in the summer as i reckon we picked the right time to go..Not to many folks about and no touts pressing for your money.All in a great place for a week in the sun.

Anyroad time for me to catch up on a few blogs so i’m off. Have a good one and take care eh?

The country life for me.

August 8, 2008

Another grey damp morning…Mind you i am off out with the lovely Mrs B tonight for a few beers to celebrate a couple of folks birthdays so my spirits are up and only the day shifts to do before we are off for some easy listening and a night in Gainsborough..Oh and plans for another jaunt somewhere..A bit of countryside would be nice so i am gunna be looking up a few places to visit, Ya can’t beat a few days amoung the trees to chill out i reckon. Bakewell or Buxton look nice..A bit of walking to free the soul & the Peaks seem to do it for me!

I have notice i have another avid reader who is spending hours reading this load of shite..odd how my crap can suck folks in. Mind you one of my favorite visitors is still the backstabber..He pops in 6 or 7 times a day hanging on my every word! Loser!

Anyroad i am off to look at a few country retreats, Have a good one you lot,what with the weekend coming up and all that..Mind ya backs out there!

A walk and a pint.

May 19, 2008

A lovely day to nip down the grove so me n the lovely Mrs B are putting on our walking boots and getting amongst it. Binoculars and camera at the ready and at the end of the walk we come out at the Wilford farm inn so a pint and a bite to eat will do us nicely i reckon.

A bit of an early start in the morning as we set off for a days has been a long time coming so we are well chuffed it has got here. do you know that we will get to eat some of the kills the birds have made…How good is that!

Anyroad we are off on our hike..Have a good one you lot and take care out there.

Down the Grove.

November 10, 2006


We made it down the grove yesterday,a nice morning for it unall,Nice to get right into nature down there & we found a nice spot for a glass of wine & a bite to eat with just the birdsong to listen to it soon got us well chilled out. The bad news was that the conversion work on Clifton Hall has taken a lot of the trees down,they even lobbed the cut down ones over the cliffs onto the banks…TWATS!

The top photo is the way down from the village onto the bottom of the Trent Valley,a nice walk down but a bit of a bugger coming back up.

Onec down to the bottom it’s a 20 minuite stroll along a leafy tree lined path brings you to Holme Pit         

A large pond full of wildlife,Mallards,Coots,Swans,Squrrels etc,a nice place to just sit and soak up some peace i reckon.Then if you want you can get onto the banks of the Trent though what with it being a bit cold and it being exposed we dint hang about down ther for long,Nice in the summer though!

A nice few hours down there blows the shite right out of your head leaving you tired but feeling good,We got back in time for me to make us a nice curry for dinner & what with a couple more bottles of wine we went to bed happy.

I realy hope that you have access to a bit of countryside to get into,It’s one of the great things about Hood Town i reckon,we are never to far away from some peace n quiet,And the odd bit of horse shit,And you can always bung that in a bag and take it home for the garden.


Take care & have a good one.

Run for cover….

November 9, 2006


Another glorious morning here in Hood Town and another shooting in the news, Seems like we will have to get used to the smell of cordite in the mornings! I much prefer the smell of bacon but ya gotta go with the flow eh?

Looks nice out there and the chance of a walk down the Grove with the lovely Mrs B is on the cards,Nice to pack a bottle of wine and a bit of bread and head out into the woods,leaving the sirens and the shootings far away. Being down there amoungst the trees next to the river can soon get your head back to how things should be,I reckon everyone should have a quiet patch of nature on their doorstep,Mind you “don’t stray off the path” as they say in those horror films.

Take care out there as it looks like the loonies are walking the streets once again!