Local art n that.

I just found out the local artist Simon Mitchell has an exhibition here in Hood Town so if your in the area nip in and grab yourself some original art work,go on get some culture down ya.I was lucky enough to win a piece of Simon’s work in a competition so my piece is on display in the great hall here at Barnze Towers.

There’s mine on the left,I reckon it’s a good un and as i like a bit of art i am well chuffed to have it. So go on get down there and bag ya self some.

I hope it goes well for ya Simon…

2 Responses to “Local art n that.”

  1. simon Says:

    cheers mr barnze – thank you for doing this – hey there is gonna be loads of new work there and a few can’s (hopefully) im selling them faster than i can make them……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! but its all gonna be affordable – anyway hope to meet you and hopefully lots of people (i can see it being me standing all alone in the gallery – ha ha ha!)

    anyway cheers again – and oh ive done the new leftlion cover – i think its out very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. barnze Says:

    I reckon things will go ok mate,at good prices i can’t see ya failing to make a few bob. Good luck with it!

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