More bleedin snow!

Not a good day today-More snow,no chance of a buzz about on the scooter.

Less than 2 weeks till we fly out for some sun 7 fun in Tenerife, I like the early break and i am proper in need of head emptying time. Just dossing by the pool with a cigar and a cold beer. bring it on.

Been a bit of a shit year so far so it can only get better as they say (who are they?)

Anyroad i just pop in here to keep myself amused so nowt of interest..Move along now nothing to see here.Image


2 Responses to “More bleedin snow!”

  1. farmerdave Says:

    love the snow me but one thing I don’t like is the ice after it freezes you slip around like a silly sod keep smiling mate :)(

  2. Craigh Bennett Says:

    I love the snow 🙂 Just come back from camping in the Peak District in -7C temperatures. Was bloody cold but id defo do it again! You should try it sometime 😉

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