Today i am mostly having my birthday cake.

It’s my birthday today,49 i am now,At one time thought i would never make 30 but here i am 49 with a bathrobe and slippers,no pipe though,Anyroad crimbo was good for us here at Barnze Towers,a nice meal a few beers and the odd glass of fizz made our day a good one.

It is the first crimbo that me n the lovely Mrs B have had on our own for a few years i can tell you and with no plans to stick to it went well.

Mind you not having the craic with our dads was missed but that did not spoil the rest and relaxation of the day,And as i am now officialy an old fart it only seems fitting that i nip up to the local pub and moan about how” all this was fields when i was a lad” and “It was nine n a half pence a pint when i first came in here” you know the sort of thing?

Anyroad im off to soak my feet,”Shoes aint as good as they were when i was a lad”

Have a good one..i will!

7 Responses to “Today i am mostly having my birthday cake.”

  1. Auntie Jac Says:

    Don’t forget to tell em’ that you had to ‘foot it’ to school 20K uphill in the snow and all that (just like Dad always tried to tell us).

    Glad your x-mas was good… Ours was good too.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You share a birthday with my sister, Deb… I believe she’s 51 (but not sure)… hard having a birthday right after x-mas.

    Happy Happy… Auntie Jac

  2. the cappuccino kid Says:

    happy birthday pal! do you get gyped on presents?

    ie:”this is for xmas and your birthday”

  3. Pinksy Says:

    Happy Birthday

  4. MAL THE PLOD Says:

    Happy birthday mate

  5. mas Says:

    many happy returns old fella.

  6. Skytower Says:

    Have an ace birthday. I think the age thing, when it was all so much better “back then” comes to us all at some point – I think it hit me about ten years ago!

  7. barnze Says:

    Cheers all. It’s good to have made it through another year!

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