Papers,pussy n poo.


Don’t ya just love admin work…….It amazes me just how much stuff ya have to sign,file,archive every month,though mostly i sign and pass the paperwork to the Lovely Mrs B…Well she’s a lot better at that sort of thing! And better at bowling and pool but crap at sky diving and explosives engineering!

Off for an appointment to the factory’s occupational health dept today, more forms to sign and kit to collect so the admin rolls on and on.

Them bastard cats have been at it during the night as i found one of the bird tables had been knocked over when i got up this morning,Mind you a few coils of barbed wire will put a stop to them jumping on it again.And yet again some more cat shit to clean up and lob over to the cat owners garden. Dirty,filthy,evil things is cats!

Anyroad i’m off to dip my quill back into the ink,have a good one dear reader.

One Response to “Papers,pussy n poo.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    At least they let me live in their home. And pay for everything. And feed them. And empty their litter trays. And pay their vet bills.

    Generous are cats

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