The needle.

Back up to the tattooists in the morning,More work on my back and perhaps a bit of work on my upper arm. My mate Douggie will be up there after me for some work on his Derby footy badge. Some folks have no taste!

Mind you we can grab a pint after and if my evil plan works Douggie will be paying.

The lovely Mrs B is part way through decorating the study here at Barnze Towers so things are all over the place at the moment but i reckon it will be spot on when she has done,We have got rid of a lot of junk though i have to keep an eye on my stuff just incase Mrs B bins it…

Anyroad i am off for a shower so thats all for today.Take care out there and stay safe.

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6 Responses to “The needle.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    A Derby badge tattoo???? He deserves to pay for the beers!..;-)

    Mind you…I want an Oldham Athletic badge tattoo so maybe I should shut up eh?

    er….how do you get the wifey to decorate? Inquiring minds need to know

  2. barnze Says:

    The badge needs more work,I got the outline of the knight on my arm..booked in for next Wednesday to finish off.As for decorating..i am shit at it and Mrs B likes to do it,Same with the garden..Just a lucky barstard i reckon.a good jod she is doing unall,I tried but failed to get her up to Dinners Hall to do yours.

  3. farmer dave Says:

    i never liked gardening untill ive had my own garden to look after i even grow my own veg and had some great sfuff to eat out the garden,

    and for derby well poor sod after this evenings win forest are 2nd from top of there table so well done forest and by thr sounds of the tattos sounds like your whole top of yeah body is a pice art lol

  4. barnze Says:

    Not quite the full upper body but give it time… We get herbs and fruit from the garden, no veg yet…

  5. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Looking forward to seeing more on the Tattoo!! I love the smell of the parlor, the sound of the tattoo gun, the whole experience. I need to get in there myself. Haven’t had anything done since my Celtic tree of life.

  6. barnze Says:

    Just got back..I love it! I shall post a pick when its healed up.The lovely Mrs B is booked in for Saturday.i shall post a pic of her piece when i can.

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